CWP MA-1400 Fabric Plant Mat – Protect Your Floors and Furniture



Bring the beauty of nature indoors without damaging your floors or furniture with the CWP MA-1400 synthetic fabric plant mat. This versatile 14-inch mat is specially designed to protect any surface from scratches, moisture damage, and dirt while providing a stylish base for potted plants.

Protect Your Floors and Furniture

Placing a plant pot directly on your floors or furniture can lead to scratches, water stains, and dirt buildup over time. The CWP MA-1400 mat prevents this with a woven top layer of synthetic fabric that creates a protective barrier between your surfaces and the plant pot. Its molded plastic bottom includes ridges to allow airflow underneath, preventing mold and mildew growth.

Stylish Design

Available in an assortment of dual-tone colors like Charcoal/Walnut Brown, this plant mat matches any décor. The woven texture adds visual interest while the dark neutral tones complement both traditional and modern rooms. Use multiples to create a coordinated display on your window sill, bookshelf, or tabletop.

Ideal Size for Common Plant Pots

Measuring 14 inches in diameter, the CWP MA-1400 mat is well-suited for common pot sizes ranging from 4 to 8 inches. The mat is large enough to contain a plant pot without leaving the plastic base exposed. Its molded ridges allow you to position the pot off-center if needed.

High Quality and Durability

Expertly constructed using synthetic fibers and sturdy molded plastic, this plant mat is built to last. The tight weave prevents fraying or unraveling over time. It maintains its shape and does not buckle or warp even after getting wet. The non-porous plastic base provides rigidity without cracking.

Provides Proper Drainage

The unique open plastic bottom promotes air circulation and prevents excess moisture from pooling under your plant. This enables proper drainage to maintain healthy roots and stop fungal or bacterial growth. The mesh center allows any overflow to evaporate while retaining soil inside the pot.

Easy Maintenance

To clean, simply wipe the fabric top with a damp cloth as needed to remove dirt or debris. The synthetic material does not absorb liquid so spills can be quickly wiped up before staining. For a deeper clean, remove the plant and wash the mat with soap and water before leaving out to air dry.

Made in USA

Proudly manufactured in the United States, you can have confidence in the quality of this fabric plant mat. CWP utilizes US-sourced materials and expert craftsmanship to create useful accessories designed to enhance your home.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

CWP provides a 30-day money back guarantee so you can ensure you are completely satisfied with this plant mat. Should any issue arise, contact CWP’s friendly customer service team for a prompt resolution.

Decorating with Houseplants

Displaying houseplants is an easy way to liven up the look of any indoor space. Here are some quick tips for stylish plant decor:

  • Choose plants appropriate for your home’s light levels. Place low light plants further from windows.
  • Use plant stands like the CWP MA-1400 mat to create levels and interest.
  • Group similar pot styles together for a cohesive look. Mix matte and glossy pots.
  • Incorporate greenery throughout rooms rather than just one area.
  • Play with plant heights by including tall statement plants, trailing vines, and low groundcover.
  • Set up an easy care hydroculture garden with unique vessels like glass terrariums.

Let your creativity bloom with indoor gardening. The CWP MA-1400 fabric plant mat enables you to infuse any room with natural beauty while protecting your existing surfaces. Order yours today!


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