CWP MA-1000 Décor Mat for Potted Plants, 10″ Round



Keep your indoor planting looking stylish and your floors protected with the CWP MA-1000 Décor Mat for Potted Plants. This round mat measures 10 inches in diameter, providing ample coverage under medium sized potted plants. It features a handsome two-tone charcoal and walnut brown color scheme that will blend into any décor.

Protect Floors from Damage and Moisture:

The CWP MA-1000 mat is designed to protect hardwood, tile, laminate, and other flooring types from damage caused by heavy potted plants. The molded plastic bottom prevents moisture from seeping into floors and causing warping or discoloration. No more worrying about water rings or scratches under your favorite plants!

Soft, Quality Construction:

While the bottom of the mat is sturdy molded plastic, the top consists of soft, synthetic fabric in an attractive woven texture. The fabric is durable and fade-resistant. Your floors stay safe from damage while the mat maintains a stylish, high-quality look.

Traps Extra Dirt and Debris:

Potted plants tend to shed dirt and leaves. The woven synthetic fabric catches any loose debris from a house plant, keeping it from spreading across your floors. Simply wipe the mat clean as needed.

Non-Slip Security:

Stop worrying about your potted plants sliding across the floor! The molded plastic bottom features a unique pattern that grips floors securely. Plants stay firmly in place on the mat.

Convenient Size for Small and Medium Pots:

Measuring 10 inches in diameter, this mat is ideal for small to medium sized pots between 6 and 10 inches wide. The round shape provides plenty of coverage beneath your potted plants.

Decorate with Multiple Mats:

Create a coordinated look throughout your indoor garden and living spaces by using multiple CWP MA-1000 mats. The stylish two-tone design looks beautiful repeated under planted pots of various sizes.

Easy Maintenance:

The CWP MA-1000 mat takes the hassle out of protecting your floors. Simply wipe clean as needed to maintain its handsome good looks. Vacuum periodically to remove any dust or debris caught in the woven fabric top.

Give your potted plants a home and your floors protection with the CWP MA-1000 Décor Mat for Potted Plants. This versatile accent piece dresses up any space while keeping plant messes contained. Safeguard your floors from moisture rings, scratches, dirt, and debris in style.


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