Cttasty Nightstand – Rustic Solid Oak Bedside Table with Handy Storage for Bedroom Essentials



Bring the warm, natural beauty of solid oak into your bedroom with the Cttasty nightstand. This small end table is crafted from durable North American oak wood and finished with eco-friendly paints for a healthy and sustainable choice. With its classic mid-century inspired design, the Cttasty nightstand adds a touch of timeless style to modern or traditional bedrooms.

Quality Materials Built to Last for Years

At the core of the Cttasty nightstand’s quality construction is premium solid oak wood. Known for its dense, strong grains, oak is more resistant to scratches, dents and general wear and tear than many other woods. The solid oak build gives this bedside table exceptional sturdiness so it will maintain its structural integrity despite daily use.

We only use solid oak wood from environmentally responsible North American sources. Our craftsmen expertly join the oak pieces together using quality joinery for seamless construction. The natural variations in the wood grain and color are left intact giving each piece a one-of-a-kind rustic aesthetic.

Once crafted, the nightstand is finished with non-toxic eco-friendly paints to further protect the raw oak wood. This finish allows the natural oak grain to shine through while adding extra protection from minor scrapes or spills. Our eco-friendly paints also help reduce indoor air pollution compared to traditional varnishes.

Made from natural solid oak and finished with green paints, the Cttasty nightstand is a healthy and sustainable choice. It’s built to serve you well for years to come as a sturdy, reliable bedside storage solution.

Functional Storage to Keep Your Essentials Handy

Despite its compact size, the Cttasty nightstand offers ample storage to keep your bedroom necessities neatly organized and within arm’s reach. The single drawer and open shelf provide the perfect amount of space for storing your phone, glasses, books, lamp and more bedside essentials.

The smooth wooden drawer glides out quietly on metal rails. Inside the roomy drawer, a natural divided compartment helps organize smaller items like charging cables, notepads or medicine. For bulkier items, utilize the full drawer space.

The open shelf below is ideal for stacking your favorite bedtime books or displaying cherished photos and decor. Make sure to leave enough room for a colorful plant or tabletop lamp to brighten your nightstand.

With its smart use of vertical space, the Cttasty nightstand minimizes clutter around the bed. No more rummaging around to find your phone or tablet at night. The essentials are always close at hand.

Matching Drawer Handles for Left or Right Orientation

The Cttasty nightstand is thoughtfully designed with matching wooden drawer handles on either the left or right side. Choose which handle orientation best matches your existing furniture arrangement and personal habits.

If your bed is against the right wall, select the Cttasty nightstand with a left-side handle to put the drawer conveniently close to your dominant hand. Or if you prefer the minimalist look of the handle on the far side, choose the right-side handle model. Both options have the same great quality and design.

With versatile handle placement, Cttasty nightstands complement the layout of your unique bedroom. Their adaptable design works with your space and habits.

Compact Size Fits Small Bedrooms

Save precious floor space with the conveniently compact Cttasty nightstand. Measuring just 15.75 inches long, 13.78 inches wide and 18.5 inches high, this small end table squeezes into tight spaces. Finally, a stylish nightstand tailored for smaller bedrooms and apartments.

The space-saving dimensions let you neatly tuck the Cttasty nightstand beside a narrow bed or into other cramped spots. Even in a shared or kid’s room, there’s likely space for this petite bedside table. Use its ample storage to help reduce overall clutter.

Highlight the Cttasty nightstand’s slender silhouette with decor in light, airy colors. A small table lamp, vase or plant prevents the top surface from looking overly cluttered or heavy. With its minimalist scale, the nightstand promotes peaceful, clutter-free sleep.

Effortless Assembly in Minutes

Assemble the Cttasty nightstand in no time thanks to its straightforward design and all the necessary hardware included. Simple instructions with pictures guide you through attaching the four solid oak legs to the wooden tabletop. All it takes is carefully aligning the pre-drilled leg holes and firmly screwing in the screws.

With an easy, tool-free assembly, you’ll be organizing your nightstand drawer in just 15 minutes or less. Save money and skip the cost of professional installation services. Quickly assemble it yourself and immediately enjoy your new Cttasty nightstand’s smooth drawers, durable build and handy storage.

Stylish Mid-Century Inspired Design

The Cttasty nightstand strikes an ideal balance between vintage and contemporary with its mid-century modern inspired design. Subtle design details like tapered legs, an elevated tabletop and integrally joined construction reflect mid-century traditions. Yet the compact size and eco-friendly materials give this nightstand a fresh, up-to-date appeal.

The tapered oak legs add visual lightness while still remaining sturdy and strong. Their angled shape contrasts nicely with the rectangular tabletop for a funky retro touch. Pulling the drawer handle reveals a flash of metal that nods to mid-century utilitarianism.

Whether your room leans traditional or modern, the Cttasty nightstand’s timeless mid-century-inspired look fits right in. Place it beside painted wooden beds or sleek upholstered headboards. The versatile mixed design complements any style.

Bring multifunctional storage and casual mid-century flair to your bedroom with the well-crafted Cttasty nightstand. Its quality solid oak build and handy drawer are designed to serve your bedside storage needs beautifully for years of daily use.


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