Crispy Italian Waffle Cookies In Seconds with Chef’sChoice PizzellePro



Enjoy authentic, homemade Italian pizzelle cookies hot off the press in 30 seconds or less with the Chef’sChoice PizzellePro. This electric pizzelle maker heats up fast and maintains even heat across the nonstick plates to ensure consistent baking results with professional quality.

Quick Baking for On-Demand Fresh Pizzelles

The PizzellePro features instant temperature recovery so you can bake batch after batch of pizzelles without any downtime. The pizzelle iron’s heating element and overall design focus on rapid heat up and recovery, so your pizzelles come out deliciously crispy and fresh every time.

Make 2 Pizzelles at Once

The PizzellePro bakes two 4.75-inch traditional Italian waffle cookies at once on its easy-release nonstick plates. In just 30 seconds or less, you’ll have a pair of pizzelles ready to enjoy. The nonstick surface ensures effortless removal of your pizzelles once they are baked to crispy, golden brown perfection.

Even Heating for Consistent Results

Inside this electric pizzelle maker, evenly spaced heating coils deliver precise temperature control and distribution. This ensures uniform baking across the surface of the plates for consistent pizzelle results from one batch to the next. You’ll get the same delicious crunch and flavor in every bite.

Locking Hinge for Ideal Thickness

A locking hinge allows you to clamp the pizzelle maker closed at just the right thickness for flawless results. This gives you better control over the final texture of your pizzelles, from thin and crispy to soft and chewy. The locking hinge also helps the pizzelle iron apply ideal pressure to spread the batter thin and seal in delicious flavor.

Baking Indicator Light

There is a power indicator light on the PizzellePro to let you know when it has reached baking temperature. The light turns off once the optimal baking temp has been reached, signaling that your pizzelle maker is preheated and ready to start pressing. This takes the guesswork out of when to add batter.

User-Friendly Handle

An easy-grip handle makes opening and closing the pizzelle maker a breeze. The handle stays cool to the touch for safe operation. After baking, simply flip the handle up vertically to open the plates and remove your freshly made pizzelles. Closing the handle again reheats the iron for the next batch.

Recipe Booklet Included

The PizzellePro comes with a handy recipe booklet for inspiration on how to get creative with this versatile appliance. Discover traditional pizzelle recipes along with ideas for customizing your cookies’ flavor and decoration. You can also use this pizzelle press to make cannoli shells, rolled crepes, waffle bowls, and more.

Reliable High Power Output

With 900 watts of power, the PizzellePro heats up quickly and delivers the robust energy needed to bake the perfect pizzelle in just half a minute. This professional-quality pizzelle maker is built to last using top-grade materials and components.

Bake Up Some Fun with Friends & Family

Pizzelles are a delicious Italian staple perfect for any occasion. With the PizzellePro, you can easily make fresh pizzelles for family gatherings, weekend brunches, or late night treats. Kids will have a blast customizing their cookies with different toppings. Share your love of authentic Italian pastries with your loved ones.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Chef’sChoice stands behind the PizzellePro with a 1-year limited warranty. We want you to be fully satisfied with your pizzelle maker. Contact our friendly customer service team with any questions or concerns.

Bring the taste of Italy right to your countertop with the fast, consistent, professional-quality pizzelle baking delivered by the Chef’sChoice PizzellePro. This versatile appliance unlocks creativity in the kitchen so you can enjoy pizzelles and other crispy baked treats anytime. Order the PizzellePro today and start crafting crunchy, customizable Italian waffle cookies your family will adore.


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