Creative Co-Op Sunburst Mirror, Gold Finish



Add a touch of striking radiance to any room with the Creative Co-Op Sunburst Mirror. This gorgeous wall décor piece features a brilliant sunburst design that makes it look like rays of sunlight are emanating from your wall. The weathered gold finish gives it a timeworn look that pairs beautifully with both contemporary and traditional room styles.

Measuring 35.5 inches tall, 35.5 inches wide, and 2 inches deep, this substantial mirror makes a big visual impact without taking up excessive wall space. The round mirror in the center measures 11.25 inches in diameter, providing ample room to check your look before heading out the door. Whether you hang it in your bedroom, living room, dining room, or hallway, this mirror is sure to amplify light and bring eye-catching style to your home.

Crafted from quality wood, this mirror has a sturdy yet lightweight build. The back features two integrated hangers and a hanging wire to make installation quick and easy. Simply measure, mark, and insert screws into your desired hanging location. Then place the integrated hangers over the screws and the mirror will be ready to beautifully adorn your wall.

Design and Finish

The most striking part of this mirror is its sunburst design. There are 18 individual wood rays extending from the round mirror center in a captivating sun-like pattern. The rays have a gentle curvature and pointed tips that create a dramatic look full of visual interest.

Each ray features small circular indent detailing that enhances depth and dimension. Where the rays meet the inner mirror frame, there is a raised rounded border that seamlessly transitions between elements for a cohesive look.

The weathered gold finish has variation that makes each ray look hand-painted. Hues of gold, brown, black, and tan intermix to embody an antiqued patina. This allows the mirror to emulate the look of a true vintage find.

Display and Placement

Thanks to its radiating design, this wall mirror looks stunning when hung as a standalone focal point. Position it above a sofa or console table to amplify visual interest. Or make it the centerpiece above a mantel or buffet.

For a stylish gallery wall, flank this mirror with additional circle, square, or rectangle framed art. The eclectic mix of shapes and sizes will look chic and modern. Or pair it with other sunburst mirrors or decor pieces for a coordinated display.

In a bedroom, hang the Creative Co-Op Sunburst Mirror above a dresser to create an eye-catching vignette. Angle it to reflect light from a nearby window or accessory lighting. The round shape and warm finish give bedrooms a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe.

A Complementary Décor Piece

Due to its versatile design and finish, this mirror blends seamlessly within both contemporary and traditional décor settings. The sleek sunburst shape brings modern flair, while the distressed gold finish nods to classic antique style.

For contemporary interiors, match this mirror with streamlined furniture like molded plastic and metal. Try pairing it with dark wood tones like walnut or black finishes for a striking look. Or complement the weathered finish with pastel paint hues and light wood tones for an airy, modern aesthetic.

In traditional settings, match it with carved wood furnishings, patterned rugs, and cozy textiles. The gold finish coordinates perfectly with brass hardware and lighting fixtures. Or accent it with blue, green, and ivory furnishings to create a classic coastal vibe.

No matter your interior design style, the Creative Co-Op Sunburst Mirror makes a gorgeous addition. It reflects light beautifully while immediately grabbing attention in any space.

Quality Construction and Care

Creative Co-Op is committed to providing long-lasting décor pieces. This mirror is constructed from paulownia wood, which is widely used in furniture and known for its lightweight, durable properties. The weathered gold finish is sealed to protect against chipping and flaking over time.

Keep the mirror looking its best by dusting occasionally with a soft cloth. Avoid using chemical cleaners as they may damage the finish. Use a hair dryer to blow away any dust that collects between the sunburst rays. And adjust hanging screws occasionally to ensure the mirror remains securely mounted.

With its quality craftsmanship and striking style, the Creative Co-Op Sunburst Mirror is sure to impress for years to come. Let radiant light shine throughout your home with this stunning wall accent piece.


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