COZYMATIC Round 3-Tier Storage Nightstand with Drawers



Transform Your Bedroom with the COZYMATIC Round 3-Tier Storage Nightstand! This versatile round nightstand will give your bedroom an instant style boost. Crafted with premium ABS material, this table offers a sturdy yet stylish storage solution to declutter your space. With a weight capacity of 140lbs, you can trust this round side table to remain stable even when fully loaded.

Big Storage for All Your Bedroom Essentials

Tired of a cluttered bedroom? This round nightstand solves your storage woes with its 3 roomy drawers. Each drawer has a height of 7 inches, giving you ample space to organize clothes, books, aromatherapy, snacks, and more. The top circular shelf also provides additional storage real estate for your alarm clock, lamp, framed photos, and other bedside must-haves. With the COZYMATIC storage nightstand, you’ll finally have a designated home for all your bedroom knick-knacks.

Modern Yet Timeless Design

Available in vibrant yellow and pink colors, this round side table injects your bedroom with a fun pop of color. The clean lines and curved silhouette lend a modern yet timeless look. Place it next to your bed as a nightstand or use it as an accent table in the living room. Wherever it goes, the COZYMATIC storage nightstand is sure to spark up your interior decor.

Sturdy and Durable Construction

Built to last for years of daily use, this 3-tier round nightstand is constructed from premium ABS material. The scratch-resistant surface ensures it will look as good as new even with heavy use. No need to worry about spills, scuffs, or scratches marring its appearance. Each layer can also hold up to 140lbs without buckling or warping. You can confidently stack it with all your essentials, knowing the solid table won’t falter.

Convenient Drawer Design

The COZYMATIC round nightstand features smooth-sliding drawers on metal glides so you can effortlessly access your stored items. The split design allows you to remove each drawer separately for quick retrieval of items towards the bottom and back. No more digging around entire drawers to locate your possessions! With thoughtful details like these, organization is a breeze with this 3-tier end table.

Perfect for Small Spaces

Don’t let a small bedroom or apartment stop you from having stylish, practical storage. This space-saving round side table tucks neatly beside beds, chairs, and sofas wherever floor space is limited. Measuring just 16.9 x 16.9 x 23.6 inches, the compact nightstand maximizes every inch without dominating the room. For cozy rooms lacking floor space, the COZYMATIC 3-tier table is ideal.

Easy Assembly Right Out of the Box

Save time and hassle with this ready-to-use round storage nightstand. No complicated installation, sanding, or staining required. Each piece arrives fully assembled so you can start enjoying this multifunctional table’s benefits immediately. Within minutes of unboxing, you can have this storage solution unpacked, positioned, and loaded up with your belongings.

Multipurpose Cabinet for Any Room

The versatile possibilities of this 3-tier nightstand don’t end in the bedroom. Place it in your bathroom to organize towels, skincare, and toiletries. Put it in the kitchen as a mini pantry for spices, canned goods, or baking essentials. Use it in the hallway as a key and mail drop station. Wherever you need a compact storage module, this handy round side table delivers.

Upgrade your home with the modern style and ample storage capacity of the COZYMATIC Round 3-Tier Nightstand. Available in lively yellow and pink hues, this versatile table adds both form and function wherever you place it. Click Add to Cart now to declutter your space in style!


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