Cosyearn Durable Low-Profile Mesh Door Mat – Trap Dirt and Debris Before it Enters Your Home!



Tired of constantly having to clean dirt, mud and debris tracked into your home? Introducing the Cosyearn Door Mat – the durable and stylish solution for trapping and containing mess before it ever reaches your floors.

This premium quality doormat is specially constructed with a versatile open weave mesh material that effectively scrapes dirt and moisture from shoes through the strategically placed woven gaps. The unique rigid texture and raised surface grab onto shoes to remove embedded mud, gravel, grass, snow and any other outdoor nuisance as you wipe feet on the mat.

What makes the Cosyearn Door Mat so effective?

Premium All-Weather PVC Material

Constructed from high-grade PVC that can withstand heavy usage in any weather conditions. The tightly woven gaps scrape away debris while still being soft enough underfoot for comfort and flexibility.

Traps Dirt and Debris

The innovative rigid mesh weave is designed to capture all dirt, mud, snow, leaves, grass and mess from shoes before entering your home. The textured surface scrapes deep to clean shoe soles through every step.

Low-Profile Design

At just 0.55 inches thick, the doormat allows doors to easily glide open overhead without catching or obstruction. The dimensions measure 36 x 24 inches, providing ample wiping space at entrances.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Built to handle regular foot traffic and repeated scraping. The weather-resistant mat retains shape and purpose for long-term daily use thanks to the sturdy woven construction.

Anti-Slip Backing

The bottom surface has a non-slip rubber backing to grip floors and stay firmly planted in place. No more shifted or bunched up mats while trying to wipe feet.

Quick Drying

Any moisture from wet shoes is swiftly wicked through the mesh gaps to keep the surface dry. Snow, rain and excess water rapidly drain through rather than pooling on top.

Easy Maintenance

To clean, simply shake off loose dirt or use a vacuum, broom or hose as needed. For a deeper clean, soap and water with a stiff brush will remove embedded grime from the mesh gaps.

Stylish Design

Available in an attractive grey color to suit any décor. The modern woven texture adds a contemporary flair to doorways.

Multipurpose Use

Perfect for trapping dirt at exterior doors, garage entrances, patios, laundry and storage rooms, or anywhere you want to contain a mess. Use indoors or outside.

Treat your floors to a cleaner home environment with the Cosyearn Door Mat. No more constantly mopping up trails of dirt through the house. The durable mesh construction scrapes and traps debris to keep your floors pristine and unsoiled. Order today to start protecting your home from the nuisance of outdoor messes!

Product Features

  • Premium PVC Material – Constructed from durable, all-weather PVC designed to trap dirt and moisture while remaining comfortable underfoot.
  • Mesh Weave Design – Specially engineered rigid weave gaps scrape debris from shoe soles through natural motion of wiping feet.
  • Dimensions – Measures 36 x 24 x 0.55 inches, providing ample wiping space at an easy-access height.
  • Low Profile – Thin 0.55 inch thickness allows doors to open overhead without obstruction.
  • Anti-Slip Backing – Rubber bottom grips floors to stay firmly planted in place without shifting.
  • Quick Drying Surface – Mesh gaps swiftly wick away moisture to keep top dry.
  • Easy Maintenance – Shake off loose dirt or clean with vacuum, hose or soap and water as needed.
  • Stylish Modern Design – Contemporary woven grey texture complements any home décor.
  • Multipurpose Use – Ideal for trapping dirt and debris at exterior doors, patios, garages, laundry rooms and more.


  • Keep dirt, mud and debris outside where it belongs
  • Prevent tracked in mess from damaging interior floors and carpets
  • Scrape shoes clean through natural foot wiping motion
  • Withstand heavy foot traffic and repeated use
  • Stay firmly in place without shifting
  • Let doors open freely overhead
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Contemporary style suits any home
  • Use indoors or outdoors year-round

Say Goodbye to Dirty Floors and Hello to the Cosyearn Door Mat!


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