COSCO 2-Step Lightweight Foldable Step Stool



Stay safe while reaching those hard-to-get spots around your home with the COSCO 2-Step Lightweight Foldable Step Stool. This essential household helper allows you to easily access high cabinets, closets, or do light cleaning jobs without straining yourself.

The COSCO step stool is constructed of heavy-duty steel that can support up to 200 pounds, yet only weighs 4 pounds itself. This makes it easy to carry from room to room so you always have a step stool handy when you need that extra boost. The slip-resistant step tread provides secure footing, while the continuous rear leg brace offers enhanced stability you can trust.

This step stool folds down to a slim 3.5 inches wide for convenient storage. Simply flip the step stool open when needed and the built-in brace locks into place securely. The plastic step treads prevent floor scuffing or damage, keeping your floors looking their best.

Some key features of the COSCO 2-Step Lightweight Foldable Step Stool include:

  • Two steps provide a boost up to 23 inches high
  • Supports up to 200 pounds
  • Weighs only 4 pounds for easy portability
  • Folds to a slim 3.5 inches wide for storage
  • Plastic step treads prevent floor damage
  • Slip-resistant step surface
  • Rear leg brace offers stability
  • Steel construction is durable and strong

This ANSI-certified step stool exceeds industry standards for safety and stability. The reinforced braces, weight capacity, and tread design give you peace of mind while standing atop the stool. Make your daily domestic duties easier and safer with the assistance of the COSCO step stool.

Reach Higher Safely

Stop stretching and straining to reach items stored up high. The COSCO 2-Step step stool eliminates the need for unsafe climbing onto countertops or teetering on chairs. Place the stool in front of cabinets and easily access contents without struggling. Keep frequently used dishes, cookware, spices, and more within easy reach.

The two generous steps on this stool allow you to extend your reach up to 23 inches higher. Standing on the bottom step gives you an 11.5 inch boost, while the top step provides an additional 11.5 inches in height. This puts most out-of-reach areas well within your grasp so you can stay firmly on the ground.

Lightweight and Portable

The heavy-duty steel construction ensures this step stool can safely hold up to 200 pounds. Yet the stool itself weighs just 4 pounds! This lightweight design allows you to conveniently carry the folded COSCO stool anywhere it’s needed inside or outside your home.

Move a stool between rooms to access storage areas in bedrooms, the laundry room, garage, and more. Bring it outside when washing windows, pruning trees, or tending to gardens. The slim profile takes up little space, so you can store it in a pantry, closet, or under a sink. Have a secure step stool ready anywhere at any time!

Stable and Secure

Safety comes first with the COSCO 2-Step step stool. The sturdy steel frame provides rock-solid support for up to 200 pounds. The rear brace bars connect the back legs to prevent wobbling or teetering when in use. Step confidently onto the anti-slip treads knowing this stool won’t shift or collapse underfoot.

The plastic step treads also provide traction to prevent slips or falls when ascending or descending the stool. The angled leg braces and anti-skid feet grip the floor securely to prevent sliding. The lock/release mechanism keeps the stool safely in place when open for use.

This step stool meets or exceeds ANSI Type 3 standards for safety and stability. Independent testing ensures the construction will support the weight capacity properly and safely. You can trust the quality and design of this COSCO step stool to provide secure footing every time.

Prevent Floor Damage

The plastic step treads on the COSCO step stool not only provide security, but they also prevent scuffs, scratches or damage to your floors. The rubber feet grip the floor without leaving black marks behind. Keep your hardwood, laminate, tile and other flooring looking like new despite repeated use of this step stool.

The foldable design allows you to conveniently tuck this stool away under a cabinet or shelf so it’s not taking up usable floor space when not needed. The slim profile even slides neatly between appliance handles when accessing the top of your refrigerator or laundry machines.

Stop risking harm to yourself or your floors by climbing onto unsafe surfaces. Use the COSCO 2-Step Foldable Step Stool for safer and easier access to high spaces while keeping your floors pristine.

Designed for Daily Use

The COSCO household step stool is built to endure the rigors of regular use without fail. The reinforced steel frame and braces provide superior support and sturdiness. The welded construction and scratch-resistant baked powder coat finish ensure years of reliable service.

This isn’t a flimsy or cheap step stool that will collapse under your weight. The quality materials and engineering that go into the COSCO stool give you sturdy support you can count on day after day. All moving parts operate smoothly and the handle provides easy transport.

Bring helpful and secure assistance into your home with the COSCO 2-Step Foldable Step Stool. Reach previously inaccessible spaces safely and prevent falls. This essential household tool provides daily convenience for people of all ages and abilities. Order the COSCO step stool today to make tasks easier, safer and more comfortable in your home.


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