Cosbur Headboard Stabilizers Stop Bed Frame From Hitting The Wall – Adjustable Anti Shake Bed Stoppers



Do you wake up feeling unrested because your bed frame creaks and shakes against the wall all night? Do you worry about damaging your walls from constant bumps and movement? Put those worries to rest with the Cosbur Headboard Stabilizers!

These innovative bed stoppers keep your bed firmly in place so you can finally get the peaceful, quiet sleep you deserve. The adjustable threaded design allows you to customize the fit – simply turn the screws to extend the stopper from 3.7 to 4.5 inches. That means it can easily adapt to fit any gap between your headboard and the wall.

Advanced Design = Ultimate Stability

What makes the Cosbur Headboard Stabilizers so effective? It starts with the sturdy steel construction and extra wide base. This keeps the stoppers firmly planted in position.

The telescopic support legs are threaded on the inside so you can finely tune the length as needed. Turn clockwise to extend the rods or counter-clockwise to retract them. Get a perfect custom fit every time without tools.

To prevent damage, each stopper has a soft EVA foam pad. This cushioned pad grips the headboard gently but securely. It also protects your walls from scratches, scuffs or dents.

Simple Installation in Just Minutes

Installing the Cosbur Headboard Stabilizers takes just minutes and requires no special tools.

Start by cleaning the contact surfaces on the headboard and wall with the included alcohol pad. Peel off the adhesive backing on each EVA foam pad to expose the sticky surface.

Press the padded stoppers against the headboard first, then position the base flush to the wall. Take care to mount them near the legs for optimal support.

Finally, turn the screws bit by bit until the poles are slightly compressed between the headboard and wall. The foam pads will conform to fill any remaining space, locking everything solidly in position.

Thanks to the incredibly easy install, you can move these stabilizers to new beds or locations anytime. The adhesive sticks strongly but peels away cleanly when needed.

Stop Annoying Noises and Damages for Better Sleep

Ever try to sleep while your bed creaks and scratches against the wall? Those annoying sounds can make it impossible to fall asleep and rest peacefully. Not to mention keeping your partner or roommates awake too.

The Cosbur Headboard Stabilizers stop all that racket for good. The anti shake design keeps the bed totally motionless, so you can finally enjoy a silent night. When the headboard tries to sway, the stopper poles simply flex while keeping everything in place.

Without stabilization, the constant bumps and grinding can damage walls over time. The foam pads protect both surfaces from dents, paint scratches, grease marks, and more. No more wall repairs needed!

You’ll love the improved sleep you get with the headboard firmly supported in place all night.

Universal Design for All Bed Types and Frames

The Cosbur Headboard Stabilizers are designed to work with virtually any bed frame and headboard style.

The compact 3.7-4.5 inch size is ideal for accommodating the gap behind most headboards. Beds with or without box springs are no problem.

The strong adhesive pads stick to wood, metal, vinyl, laminate, and finished surfaces. They work great on bed legs, side rails, footboards, and slat supports too.

Whether you have a twin, full, queen or king size bed, these stoppers help anchor it firmly against the wall. The set of 2 provides balanced support on both sides.

For adjustable beds, they stop the shaking that can happen when raising the head. No more startling motions as you sit up to read or watch TV in bed.

Secure Dressers, Bookcases, and More

The stabilization benefits of these adjustable bed stoppers aren’t just for beds. They can instantly add stability to dressers, cabinets, bookcases, side tables, and any other furniture that sits against walls.

The compression fit keeps surfaces tightly together, preventing vibrations or swaying that can cause objects to fall off. No more worrying about a dresser tipping over on curious kids or pets.

Stick them on the bottom corners of the furniture, near the legs for maximum bracing power. Great for anchoring front-heavy items like stacked stereo components or big screen TVs.

Get Better Sleep and Protection Starting Tonight

The Cosbur Headboard Stabilizers are a quick, easy solution to annoying noises and damaged walls from an unsecured bed frame. Just peel, stick, and adjust for a custom fit in minutes.

Experience deeper, undisturbed sleep when bed creaks and bangs are stopped in their tracks. Protect your walls from unnecessary scuffs and scratches too.

With the ability to adapt to any gap and stick securely to most surfaces, these stoppers provide superior stabilization for all bed types and frames. Not to mention adding stability to dressers, bookcases, and other freestanding furniture items.

The set of 2 provides convenient support for both sides. Get your bedroom upgraded to a peaceful sanctuary starting today. Just click Add to Cart now!


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