Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror with 10X Spot Magnification – The Perfect Illuminating Vanity Mirror for Flawless Makeup Application



Looking for the secret to perfect makeup application every time? It all starts with having the right tools, and the Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror with 10X Spot Magnification is the ideal illuminating vanity mirror for flawless makeup looks. With its bright, natural LED lighting, 1X and 10X magnification options, and sleek satin nickel finish, this rechargeable mirror provides everything you need for precise makeup application and grooming.

Bright, Natural LED Lighting

Applying makeup in poor lighting can make it nearly impossible to see what you’re doing and achieve an even, flawless look. The Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror uses an energy-efficient LED bulb to cast a bright, natural light on your face, so you can clearly see every detail as you apply makeup. No more guessing if your foundation is blended or eyeliner is even – this makeup mirror will illuminate your face so you can perfect every step of your routine.

1X and 10X Magnification

The Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror features a 1X magnification for an unmagnified view of your face, along with a 10X spot magnification mirror, perfect for precision grooming and tweezing. The 1X view allows you to see the overall finished look, while the 10X magnification lets you zoom in for a super-close, detailed view so you can create ultra-precise makeup, from subtly filling in eyebrows to applying liner with a steady hand.

Sleek Satin Nickel Design

With its sleek satin nickel finish, this lighted makeup mirror is both stylish and functional. The neutral metallic look complements any vanity or bathroom decor. Plus, its round 9” diameter mirror is a perfect size for travel or small spaces, while still providing ample room to view your entire face.

Rechargeable for Cordless Convenience

Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, the Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror provides cordless convenience. No more tangled cords restricting your range of motion as you look closely and tilt the mirror to see every angle. Fully charged, it provides up to 2 hours of bright LED lighting for flawless makeup application. Just plug it in with the included USB charging cable and adapter to repower.

Conair’s Beauty Authority Since 1959

With over 60 years as a leader in hair and beauty tools, Conair delivers exceptional styling tools, hair dryers, brushes, and more. We apply our expertise with professional-quality engineering and technology so you can achieve salon-beautiful results at home. Conair’s line of lighted makeup mirrors provides the perfect lighting and magnification options to make makeup application easy and enjoyable.

Customer Reviews

“This mirror is perfect for travel and home use!”

I love having this mirror in my makeup bag for travel and at my vanity at home. The bright LED light makes it easy to do my makeup in any setting, from hotel bathrooms to my bedroom. The 10X magnification is fantastic for plucking eyebrows and the perfect cat eye! It’s lightweight so easy to pack but still good quality. Plus it looks nice displayed on my vanity when not in use. – Sarah M.

“No more makeup mistakes with this illuminating mirror!”

I used to struggle with uneven makeup because of poor bathroom lighting and lack of magnification. Now with this Conair lighted mirror, I can clearly see every detail for perfect application. The LED light shows true colors unlike other bulbs. I use the 1X view to see my overall look then zoom in with the 10X mirror to precisely fill brows, line lips and apply mascara. My makeup always looks flawless now thanks to this mirror! – Amanda D.

“Well worth it for the 10X magnification alone!”

I bought this mirror mostly for the 10X magnification so I could tweeze my brows and properly see to remove any peach fuzz on my face. It’s amazing being able to zoom in so close to each hair for precision plucking and grooming. But I also love the bright LED light that makes it easy to apply my makeup. The rechargeable feature makes it convenient to bring along when traveling too. Excellent quality all around! – Lauren P.

Reasons to Love the Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates your face for perfect makeup application
  • 1X and 10X magnification options allow detailed and zoomed-in views
  • Sleek satin nickel finish complements your decor
  • Rechargeable for up to 2 hours of cordless convenience
  • Trusted brand Conair provides salon-quality engineering

Lighting Up Your Beauty Routine

Achieving your most flawless, gorgeous makeup looks starts with having the right tools, and the Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror will illuminate your beauty routine. With its bright natural LED lighting, spot-on magnification options, and sleek satin nickel style, this rechargeable vanity mirror is designed to help you look your very best every day. Conair’s expertise in hair and beauty tools ensures it provides the ideal lighting and clarity for makeup perfection.

Experience the confidence of flawless makeup application with the Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror. Add it to your cart today for the secret to picture-perfect makeup every time!


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