Conair Dual Magnification Pocket Mirror – Portable Makeup Mirror for Purse with 1x and 5x Magnification



Tired of squinting into tiny compact mirrors trying to get your makeup just right? Struggling to tweeze those pesky stray eyebrows but can’t quite see the fine details? Look no further than the Conair Dual Magnification Pocket Mirror, the perfect accessory for all your on-the-go beauty needs!

This cleverly designed pocket mirror packs a one-two magnification punch – featuring both 1x and 5x mirror surfaces so you can check your overall look as well as tend to more precise grooming. The 1x standard magnification side allows you to check that your makeup is blended and flawless for a complete look. While the 5x magnified side lets you precisely fill in brows, tweak liner, buff shadow, and groom facial hair with ease.

Measuring just 3.5″x2″, this portable mirror is slim enough to toss into even the smallest clutch or purse. The sleek, slimline design features a durable black composite frame that protects the glass and slides easily into pockets or bags. Constructed from high-quality materials by grooming experts Conair, this mirror is built to last through everyday use and travel.

Pop it into your purse to make quick beauty fixes on the go. Keep it in your car for a rearview mirror check while stopped at traffic lights. Throw it in your gym bag to check your post-workout glow. Store it in your desk drawer for midday touch-ups at the office. Or tuck it into your suitcase or carry on bag to ensure you look photo-ready on vacation. The compact size and lightweight design means this Conair mirror can go wherever your busy lifestyle takes you.

Key Features:

  • Dual Magnification – 1x side for regular viewing, 5x side for detailed grooming and tweezing
  • Compact Size – Just 3.5”x2”, fits perfectly into purses, bags, pockets
  • Lightweight Design – Weighs less than 2 oz, great for travel and everyday carry
  • Shatter-Resistant – Durable composite frame protects glass
  • Conair Quality – From a trusted brand relied on by beauty experts for generations

The Perfect Portable Accessory for:

  • Quick makeup touch-ups on the go
  • Filling in eyebrows with precision
  • Checking your look in the car
  • Tweezing facial or body hair with ease
  • Applying eyeliner and mascara precisely
  • Blending eyeshadow flawlessly
  • Grooming mustaches, beards, sideburns
  • Midday beauty fixes at the office
  • Ensuring you look photo ready on vacation

Why You’ll Love It:

Convenient and Portable

The slim, lightweight design fits effortlessly into any purse or bag so you can take it wherever you go. No more being caught off guard without a mirror!

Dual Magnification

See your entire face clearly with 1x magnification and tend to fine details with 5x magnifying power for grooming, tweezing, and precise makeup application.

Superior Quality

Made from durable materials like shatter-resistant glass and sturdy composite frame, this high-quality mirror is built to last through daily use.

Trusted Brand

Conair has been a leading name in beauty tools for decades, so you can trust their expertise in crafting this useful accessory.

Functional Design

Thoughtful details like the protective cover, swivel design, and integrated stand make this mirror totally functional for real life use.


Don’t compromise convenience for quality. The Conair Dual Magnification Pocket Mirror gives you the best of both worlds – portable size with premium features. The innovative magnified sides ensure you’ll be able to perfect your look whether you’re simply glancing at your reflection or working on precision grooming.

Keep up your beauty routine on the go and be photo ready for every impromptu selfie with this purse-sized wonder. Pick up the Conair Dual Magnification Pocket Mirror today and experience portable touch-up perfection!

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