Conair Dome Lighted Mirror with 12x Magnification – The Perfect Accessory for Flawless Makeup Application



Apply your makeup like a pro with the Conair Dome Lighted Mirror. This versatile mirror provides everything you need for flawless makeup application right at home.

Salon-Quality Lighting

The dome-shaped design and ring of bright LED lights distribute soft, even light across your face, just like the professional vanity mirrors used in makeup studios. The color-true lighting eliminates shadows and ensures you can see every detail for expert makeup application.

12x Magnification

Check your makeup from every angle with the 12x magnification. Get an ultra-close view when applying eyeliner or filling in eyebrows. Easily see fine details like small hairs and pores. The magnification allows you to perfect your makeup in a way that regular mirrors simply can’t match.

Adjustable Height and Rotation

Customize your setup with adjustable height and 360° rotation. Extend the height between 14” and 21” to find your ideal viewing angle whether sitting or standing. Swivel and tilt the mirror in any direction to eliminate glare and harsh shadows. The flexibility allows you to use the mirror comfortably no matter the time of day or your workspace.

Space-Saving Design

The compact dome shape takes up minimal space on your vanity or countertop. The circular base has a small footprint, so you can easily make room among your other beauty essentials. Tuck it away neatly when not in use.

Sturdy Base

The stable, weighted base provides a vibration-free surface for applying makeup. The smooth, rounded edges prevent snagging on jewelry or clothes. Keep the mirror securely in place while adjusting the height and angle.

Light Dimmer

Easily adjust the brightness to your preference with the dimmable LED lights. Soften the lighting for an evening look or boost the brightness for daytime. Prevent eye strain by eliminating harsh glare.

Cord Management

The power cord neatly wraps around the base to keep your workspace clutter-free. Easily adjust the cord length needed without dealing with messy loops.

Premium Quality

Conair is a leader in professional hair and beauty tools, with over 75 years of experience making innovative, affordable personal care products. This lighted makeup mirror is crafted with the same dedication to quality that the Conair name is known for.

Easy Maintenance

Keep your mirror looking like new by wiping clean with a soft cloth after each use. Avoid harsh cleaners or abrasive pads. The LED lights give long-lasting performance without needing bulb replacements.

Achieve salon-quality makeup results at home every day with the Conair Dome Lighted Mirror. The crystal-clear 12x magnification, adjustable brightness, and flexible positioning provide everything you need for quick makeup routines or detailed beauty work. The sleek dome-shaped design looks beautiful on any vanity. Get one for yourself or give as a gift to any makeup lover.


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