Compucessory Window Envelopes for CDs and DVDs – 50 Pack



Keep your discs safe and organized with the Compucessory Window Envelopes for CDs and DVDs. These high quality envelopes allow you to easily identify and access your CD and DVD collections while providing protection from scratches, dust, and other damage.

Product Features:

  • Stores and protects CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and video game discs
  • Clear 4.25″ diameter window reveals disc label and contents
  • Durable white paper construction prevents damage and scratches
  • Un-gummed flap tucks into half-circle cutout on back to securely close envelope
  • 50 envelopes per pack for organizing large collections
  • Fits standard 120mm CD and DVD discs with ease

The Ideal Storage for Your Disc Collections

The clear window design lets you easily identify what’s inside each envelope without having to remove the disc. The envelopes keep your discs protected from dust, scratches, and other elements that can damage your valuable media over time. They’re the perfect accessory for storing CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and video game discs.

Whether you’re organizing a massive media library or just trying to keep your cherished disc collection safe, these envelopes get the job done. The durable white paper construction prevents scratches and damage from occurring.

Secure Closure Protects Your Discs

Closing these envelopes is quick and simple. Just tuck in the un-gummed flap into the half-circle slit on the back to securely seal the envelope shut. This prevents your discs from slipping out while being stored or transported.

Thanks to the snug fit, you won’t have to worry about your discs sliding around and getting scratched inside the envelopes. They stay neatly in place inside the protective sleeves.

Perfect for Media Libraries and Collections

If you have a large DVD, Blu-ray, or CD collection, these envelopes are ideal for organizing and protecting your library. Keep your favorite movies, albums, and games sorted neatly on shelves and in storage boxes. The 4.25″ tall design stacks perfectly and allows for easy sorting and filing.

For movie buffs with hundreds of discs, these envelopes offer a damage-free way to archive and organize an entire DVD collection. They also make it easier to find and retrieve certain movies quickly.

Great for Music Collectors

Music enthusiasts will love using these envelopes to organize and protect beloved CDs. Keep your favorite albums stored safely while showcasing the album art through the clear window.

Whether you have a few dozen CDs or a few thousand, these sleeves allow quick organization by genre, artist, or year. Easily archive your entire music library for quick access whenever the mood strikes.

Protect Valuable Video Game Discs

For gamers, keeping those original game discs in pristine condition is a must. These envelopes protect coveted games from scratches, fingerprints, and other damage that could render them unusable. Keep your vintage gaming collection safe while displaying the awesome cover art.

The durable construction keeps game discs protected whether they’re on the shelf, in storage, or being transported to a gaming session with friends. Your favorite PS1, PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast, and other retro gaming gems stay like new inside these sleeves.

Organize Home Media with Ease

Stop piling loose discs on shelves or leaving them unprotected in drawers. Enjoy quick and easy organization of your home media library with these window envelopes. The 50 pack has you covered whether you need to organize a small bookcase section or a massive basement collection.

Use them for photo backup discs, software and driver disc libraries, or any other CD and DVD media you want to keep organized and protected. Slide your discs effortlessly in and out of the envelopes anytime you need access.

Buy With Confidence

Compucessory has been designing quality CD/DVD storage solutions for over 15 years. These envelopes are proudly made right here in the USA. Add them to your cart today to keep your valuable discs protected for years to come!


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