Command Damage-Free Fog-Free Shower Mirror – Never Deal with Fog or Falling Again



Tired of shaving, putting on makeup, or simply checking yourself out in a fogged-over shower mirror? Those days are over with the Command Fog Resistant Shower Mirror. This genius mirror has a frosted fog-free coating that keeps it crystal clear, even in the steamiest shower conditions.

Gone are the days of frustratingly trying to shave, apply makeup, or style your hair with a mirror that’s impossible to see your reflection in. The fog-resistant coating ensures you’ll always have a perfect view of yourself. No more nicked chins or wonky eyeliner wings.

Damage-Free Installation – No Tools Required

Installing the Command Fog Free Shower Mirror is a breeze with the included water-resistant strips. Unlike suction cups that never seem to work or leave gross sticky residue behind, these easy-to-use strips keep your mirror firmly in place while still being totally removable.

The water-resistant adhesive is strong enough to hold in wet shower conditions, but still allows the mirror to be repositioned or removed without any damage to surfaces. No tools are required – simply stick on the strips, press the mirror in place, and you’re done.

The strips can be used on almost any bathroom surface including tile, glass, mirrors, fiberglass, wood, painted walls, and more. When you’re ready to take the mirror down or move it, it removes cleanly without any sticky mess or damage.

The Perfect Mirror for Shower Shaving and Makeup

Shower shaving will be easier and more precise with the fog-free Command Shower Mirror. See every hair and angle of your face clearly, for your closest, cleanest shave ever.

Applying makeup in the bathroom has never been simpler. Put on your makeup with perfect precision when you can see every stroke and detail. No more makeup mistakes!

Use This Mirror Anywhere – It’s Not Just for Showers!

While the Command Fog Free Mirror is perfect for showers, it’s also ideal for use anywhere else in your home where humidity and condensation can cause issues. Stick it right by your bathroom sink for un-fogged visibility while you shave, brush your teeth, or apply makeup.

Use it in your laundry room, pool house, or any other humid area where you need a clear reflection. The water-resistant adhesive strips let you temporarily install this mirror virtually anywhere you need it. When it’s time to take it down, it removes cleanly without any leftover residue or damage.

Key Features:

  • Includes 1 frosted glass mirror and 2 pairs of water-resistant adhesive strips
  • Fog-resistant mirrored glass stays clear, even in hot steamy shower conditions
  • Damage-free install – no tools required, sticks securely but removes cleanly
  • Adhesive strips are designed for use in wet areas like showers and humid rooms
  • Can be installed on most surfaces including tile, glass, fiberglass, wood, paint
  • Perfect for fog-free visibility when shaving, applying makeup, and more
  • Use it anywhere you need a clear reflection – bathrooms, laundry rooms, pool houses

Never Deal With Fog or Falling Again

If you’re tired of shower mirrors that constantly fog up or won’t stay securely mounted, the Command Fog Resistant Shower Mirror is the solution. The fog-free coating ensures you’ll always have perfect visibility for flawless grooming.

The water-resistant adhesive strips securely adhere to wet surfaces like tile and glass to keep your mirror in place. But they still allow for damage-free removal when needed.

No more dealing with mirrors that slide down, leave residue, or won’t get clear. This is the last shower mirror you’ll ever need to buy.

Get the Command Fog Free Shower Mirror today and enjoy fog-free grooming and a securely mounted reflective surface every time you shower!


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