Command BATH35-SN-ES Satin Nickel Damage-Free Bathroom Mirror



Tired of foggy, damaged bathroom mirrors? Upgrade your bathroom with the Command BATH35-SN-ES satin nickel damage-free bath mirror. This versatile and stylish mirror allows you to shave, apply makeup, and groom with clarity, thanks to its fog-free design.

Installs in seconds without tools or damage. Unlike traditional mirrors that require drilling holes and using adhesives that ruin surfaces, the Command bath mirror uses water-resistant CommandTM strips. These strips grip tightly yet remove cleanly without damaging surfaces. Stick it securely on most bathroom surfaces – glass, tile, fiberglass, painted drywall. The strips have been tested to hold better than suction cups.

The satin nickel finish gives a modern update. The neutral metallic tone matches most bath hardware and fixtures for a coordinated look. The compact 7.25” x 9.5” size fits even the smallest bathrooms.

Shave clearly, not blindly. Prevent painful nicks and cuts shaving in the shower with this fog-free mirror. The water-resistant strips keep the mirror firmly in place rather than slipping down. Check your face closely for a smooth, finished shave.

Apply makeup flawlessly. Get perfect eyeliner and mascara when you can see clearly up-close. Tweeze eyebrows with precision. No more guessing how your makeup looks before leaving the bathroom.

Notice every hair for neat grooming. Tame nose and ear hair discretely with this magnifying mirror. Shape eyebrows evenly and accurately when you can see small hairs. Look polished after just a few minutes primping.

Ideal for apartments and rentals. Take it with you when you move – it installs and removes easily without damage. No need to live with a broken, dingy bathroom mirror. Great for dorm bathrooms to give students proper grooming.

Key Features:

Damage-free installation with water-resistant CommandTM strips
Satin nickel finish coordinates with most bath décor
Fog-free so you can shave and apply makeup clearly
Magnifying mirror for detailed grooming like plucking hairs
Compact 7.25” x 9.5” size for small bathrooms
Installs in just minutes without tools or damage
Remove cleanly without sticky residue

Who Can Benefit:

Those who want an upgrade from a basic builder-grade mirror
Renters and dormers who want to install a quality mirror without damage
Frequent shavers who are tired of shaving blindly in the shower

Contacts and glasses wearers who need close-up clarity for grooming
Households with multiple users that need more mirror space

Mirrors are essential bathroom fixtures to get ready for the day. But many basic mirrors leave you squinting and guessing. The Command BATH35-SN-ES satin nickel mirror upgrades your bathroom so you can shave, groom, and apply makeup with clarity. No more painful nicks, uneven makeup, or unruly hairs. Just a put-together look in minutes.

Stick it securely in just about any bathroom thanks to the innovative 3M CommandTM strip technology. When it’s time to take it down or move, it removes cleanly without damaging walls or tiles. Give your bathroom the functional mirror it deserves without breaking the bank or making permanent holes. Get ready each morning with confidence after installing this magnifying fog-free mirror.


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