Clemate Storage Box,Set of 8, Clear Plastic Stackable,Drop Front Shoe Box with Clear Door, Organizer and Containers For Sneaker Display,Fit up to US Size 12



Keep your kicks looking fresh and organized with the Clemate Storage Box set of 8 clear plastic stackable shoe boxes. These sturdy drop front containers are specifically designed for storing and displaying your most prized sneakers, with features that keep them safe from dust and damage.

Display Your Sneaker Collection in Style

The transparent display design lets you show off your favorite pairs while keeping them protected. The clear viewing window on the drop down door gives a sneak peek of the shoes inside without having to open the box. It’s a sleek way to organize your sneakers by color or style and still see what’s inside each container.

Stackable Shoe Storage Boxes

Each plastic shoe box is designed to stack securely on top of another. The lids interlock together to prevent sliding or tipping over. Stack them up to several boxes tall to save floor space. With 8 in a set, you’ll have storage for 24-32 pairs of shoes depending on sneaker size. Stack and arrange them on shelves, in closets or under beds.

Upgrade Magnets Keep the Door Closed

The drop down door on the front of the box features two heavy duty embedded magnets that keep the door firmly closed. No more swinging open doors when stacked. The magnetic closure also helps keep dust out and protects your shoes.

Ventilation Design Lets Shoes Breathe

Small ventilation holes allow air flow in and out of the box to prevent odor buildup. Keep your shoes smelling fresh between wears. The ventilation system maintains a perfect climate inside the box.

Durable Plastic Construction

These shoe boxes are made from thick, durable plastic that resists cracking and holds its shape over time. The sturdy build ensures the boxes won’t collapse even when stacked high. The transparent plastic also lets you easily see inside without opening.

Perfect Fit for Most Sneaker Sizes

With dimensions of 13.4″ long x 9.84″ wide x 7.1″ high, these drop front shoe boxes accommodate most sneaker sizes for men, women and kids. The boxes fit shoes up to US men’s size 12.

Safeguard Your Collection

Keep your prized sneakers protected in these crystal clear storage containers. The lid and drop front door keep dust and debris out to prevent yellowing of whites and damage to materials. Organize collections by color, style, sport or brand.

Simple Interlocking Lid Design

The attached lids feature an interlocking design that allows the boxes to be stacked without sliding. The ridge around the bottom of the lid inserts securely into the inner lip of the lower box to keep stacks neat, tidy and prevent tipping over.

Convenient Carry Handles

Built-in carry handles on the ends of the boxes make it easy to transport them around your home for cleaning or reorganizing. The handles allow you to move stacks of boxes efficiently.

Long Lasting Construction

Made from durable plastic, these storage boxes are built to last and won’t crack or warp over time like cheaper bins. They also won’t discolor or degrade from exposure to sunlight. The thick plastic walls maintain their structure when stacked.

Organize Your Collection By Style

With 8 large stackable containers, you’ll have enough room to organize your sneakers by style – keep your basketball shoes in one container, running shoes in another, casual street style, skater shoes and so on. Keep similar styles, brands or color schemes together.

Crystal Clear Viewing

The fully transparent plastic construction lets you view the contents of the box without having to open it up. You can identify and organize your shoes at a glance. The sleek aesthetic looks great displayed in your closet, room or collectibles area.

Premium Quality Plastic

These stackable storage boxes are constructed from top grade polypropylene plastic. This ensures they will maintain their rigid structure and resist breaking, cracking or collapsing even when stacked multiple boxes high. The premium clarity never yellows over time.

Keep Collections Organized

For sneakerheads with large collections, keeping your shoes stored neatly can be a challenge. These drop front storage containers are a collector’s dream – keep valuable sneakers protected and displayed in pristine condition while organizing by brand, color, style and size.

So if keeping your cherished shoe collection organized and damage-free is a priority, the Clemate Storage Box set of 8 stackable drop front containers is a must have accessory. Order a set today and keep those sneakers displayed in style!


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