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Staying organized can feel like an impossible task. Between keeping your pantry tidy, organizing your garage, and finding a place for all the kids’ toys, it often seems like you need a magic solution to keep everything in its place. That’s where ClearSpace plastic storage bins come in! These clear plastic organizers are designed to help you neatly arrange any space in your home or office.

Versatile Storage for Every Room

ClearSpace bins are ideal for creating coordinated and clutter-free storage anywhere you need it. In the kitchen, use them to organize appliances, food, cooking utensils, and more. Stack them to maximize cabinet and pantry space. In the bathroom, corral towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. The playroom and kids’ bedrooms stay neat when you use ClearSpace bins to store toys, art supplies, and clothes.

When you need to find important documents or supplies for your home office or workspace, these clear bins keep everything visible and within reach on shelves. They are also perfect for laundry rooms, craft spaces, garages, and basements. Wherever you need functional storage, ClearSpace plastic bins are up for the task.

Durable BPA-Free Plastic

These storage bins are constructed from high-quality BPA and chlorine-free plastic. The shatter-resistant material is designed to hold up to daily use without cracking or breaking. Built-in side handles provide a safe grip when transporting bins so you can easily move organized items from room to room.

The transparent material also allows you to see contents at a glance. No more digging around to find what you need! The plastic withstands wear and tear over time and can be cleaned with just soap and water as needed.

Perfectly Sized for Any Storage Need

With dimensions of 11 x 8 x 6 inches, these ClearSpace bins are ideally sized for organizing all kinds of spaces. The 6-inch height allows you to stack multiple bins vertically to maximize shelf storage.

Alternatively, set them side by side to neatly corral items on kitchen counters, in pantries, or anywhere you need coordinated organization. The rectangular shape also provides ample open storage for bulkier items like toys, linens, and kitchen appliances.

Endless Organization Possibilities

Here are just some of the ways you can put ClearSpace plastic bins to work:

Pantry: Store dried goods, canned items, snacks, and packaged foods. Stack bins to utilize shelf height.

Fridge and Freezer: Corral condiments, juices, leftovers, frozen foods, and more. Keep fridge and freezer contents visible.

Bathroom: Organize toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies, and first aid items. Use in cabinets or atop counters.

Kids’ rooms: Neatly store toys, art supplies, school supplies, and clothing. Use small bins for little items.

Garage: Sort hardware, automotive supplies, sports gear, and gardening tools. Keep essentials handy.

Craft spaces: Organize fabric, yarn, scissors, adhesives, glitter, and other small craft materials.

Office: Store pens, clips, sticky notes, and other desk supplies. Use to organize files, paperwork, and documents.

Laundry: Separate delicates, lights, darks, socks & underwear, and laundry supplies.

ClearSpace plastic storage bins
With ClearSpace’s versatile clear storage bins, it’s easy to organize any space exactly how you like it. The strong plastic construction ensures these organizers will hold up for the long haul. Built-in handles allow you to relocate bins around your home with ease.

Stop searching for misplaced items and start enjoying tidy, coordinated rooms! Bring easy organization home with ClearSpace storage bins.


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