Classy Clamps Wooden Quilt Wall Hangers – Elegantly Display Your Treasured Quilts and Tapestries



Treasure and proudly display your beautiful quilts, tapestries, and other textile wall hangings with these classy wooden quilt wall hangers by Classy Clamps. Crafted with care from high quality wood and designed to effortlessly mount your wall hangings for an artistic display.

Show Off Your Quilting Masterpieces

You’ve spent countless hours piecing together your stunning quilt, selecting the perfect color combinations and patterns to create a true work of art. Don’t stash it away in a closet or box. Proudly display your quilting accomplishments on the wall for all to enjoy with these wooden quilt wall hangers specially designed to mount quilts and other textile wall hangings with ease.

The Classy Clamps quilt hangers allow you to artfully arrange your treasured quilts on the wall like pieces of art. The wooden design adds a touch of classic style while securely gripping your quilt to prevent slipping or sagging. Give your beautiful quilts the showcase they deserve.

Decorative Wall Hanging Display Made Simple

Tired of fussy hooks, complicated quilt racks, and flimsy quilt holders that fail to keep your quilts properly mounted on the wall? The Classy Clamps quilt wall hanging system is designed for hassle-free hanging with a classic look.

Each hanger features two small wooden clamps attached to a mounting board. Simply insert the top of your quilt or other wall hanging into the QUILT wall hanger clamps, up to 1/4 inch depth. Use the included screws to securely affix the hanger on the wall, adjust the quilt or tapestry to the desired drape, and tighten the built-in clamp knobs to hold it in place.

With Classy Clamps, perfectly displaying your quilts, blankets, tapestries, or other textile hangings on the wall takes just minutes. No loose hooks, no visible damage from pins or tacks, and no sagging. Just the beautiful visual display you desire.

Versatile Use for All Your Textile Wall Hangings

While these wooden QUILT wall hangers are ideal for spotlighting your gorgeous quilts, their usefulness doesn’t stop there. They also work beautifully to hang tapestries, macrame wall hangings, blankets, woven wall art, and other textiles you want to gracefully display on the wall.

Hang a collection of your varied textile creations together for a stunning wall display. The Classy Clamps quilt hanging system allows you to arrange an artful composition.

Use the quilt wall mount hangers on the inside of a hoop for a floating display. Or affix them to dowels or barnwood planks across the wall to create rustic hanging rails. Whatever look you’re going for, these tapestry and quilt hangers can help you easily achieve it.

Quality Construction for Lasting Performance

The key to a functional, easy-to-use wall hanging system is durability, and the Classy Clamps quilt wall hanging kit is built to last.

Crafted from solid wood with a classic whitewash finish to resist warping and wear over time
Elegant design with rounded edges adds beautiful visual appeal
Each hanger features two wooden clamps to grip your wall hanging tightly and prevent sagging
Includes mounting screws and adjustable clamp knobs to customize the grip
Holds wall hangings up to 1/4 inch thick securely on the wall
With proper care, these attractive and highly functional quilt hangers will provide many years of reliable use. We stand behind the quality of our products with a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Available in Multiple Sizes

Our quilt wall hanging kit comes with 4 small hangers, ideal for lighter weight quilts and tapestries. Each hanger measures 3.25″ x 2″.

We also offer the hangers in medium and large sizes to accommodate heavier blankets, rugs, and other oversized wall hangings. Sets are also available with fewer or greater quantities of hangers depending on your display needs.

Contact us if you need a different configuration for your quilting wall display project. We have various options to create the perfect quilt hanging solution for your wall space.

Beautifully Display Your Treasured Textiles

If you take pride in your gorgeous quilts, wall tapestries, and other textile artwork, the Classy Clamps quilt wall hanging system makes an elegant display easy. Our quality crafted wooden quilt hangers allow you to arrange your quilted masterpieces, woven wall hangings, and textile collections in an artful wall design that does their beauty justice. Order a set today!


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