CHICLEW Lighted Makeup Mirror – Bright Adjustable Vanity Mirror with 10x/1x Magnification for Professional Flawless Makeup Application



Discover the beauty secret used by professional makeup artists and beauty influencers – the CHICLEW Lighted Makeup Mirror! This innovative lighted vanity mirror provides the perfect lighting and magnification for applying flawless makeup looks at home.

360° Adjustable Brightness for Any Environment

The CHICLEW makeup mirror features a halo of natural daylight LED lights that surround the 10x/1x magnification mirrors. Using the smart touch slider, dim or brighten the halo lights from 0-1100 lux to customize the perfect lighting for your space and task. Achieve salon-style lighting in any environment – bright daylight for daytime makeup or soft glow for evening glam.

10x Magnification Reveals True Skin Detail

The 10x magnification mirror reveals fine details like never before. Get an ultra-close view to precisely apply eyeliner and lipliner, groom brows, and detect blemishes. The 10x magnification is a must-have for creating flawless makeup that looks professionally applied.

1x View Lets You See the Full Face

The 1x magnification provides a regular view of your face, so you can see how your makeup looks from a normal perspective. Easily blend, contour, and perfect your look. The two mirror magnifications allow you to zoom in on details and check the full face for a complete makeup view.

360° Rotation for Convenience

The CHICLEW lighted makeup mirror swivels a full 360° to provide easy access to both magnified sides. Quickly flip between 1x and 10x views without having to adjust your position. The rotating design allows for optimal use on desktops and countertops.

Advanced Optics Prevent Distortion

The ultra-reflective distortion-free glass provides true image reflection. The optical quality glass shows an accurate representation without waviness or uneven magnification across the mirror surface. See your real reflection to get the makeup results you want.

Rechargeable Battery for Portability

The built-in rechargeable battery offers untethered use for total flexibility. Fully charged, the long-lasting battery provides up to 17 hours of cordless runtime. Take the mirror anywhere – use it in your bedroom, bathroom, dorm, hotel, and more. The portable design is perfect for travel so you always have your special makeup mirror.

Modern, Minimalist Design

The CHICLEW lighted mirror features a contemporary profile with clean lines and slim borders. The minimalist aesthetics complement any décor. The compact rectangular shape is ideal for desktops, bathrooms, and cosmetic displays. Measuring only 7 x 9 inches, it takes up little space while providing big makeup benefits.

Create Professional Makeup Looks at Home

Achieve flawless makeup application with salon-quality lighting and magnification. Get a pro-level view of your skin, precisely apply makeup, and see how your look comes together. The CHICLEW lighted mirror is the game-changing beauty tool that helps you create stunning makeup effects at home. Upgrade your routine today!

What’s in the Box?

Package includes:

  • CHICLEW lighted makeup mirror
  • Power adapter
  • Cleaning cloth
  • User manual

Technical Specs:

  • Dimensions: 7 x 9 inches
  • Magnifications: 10x and 1x
  • Lighting: Natural daylight LED
  • Brightness: Adjustable 0-1100 lux
  • Rotation: 360° swivel
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 17 hours on lowest brightness
  • Material: ABS plastic

Reasons to Love the CHICLEW Lighted Mirror:

  • Salon lighting shows true skin tone and makeup colors
  • 10x magnification reveals fine details for precise makeup
  • 1x view lets you see the entire face
  • Adjustable halo lighting suits any environment
  • 360° rotation provides easy access to both sides
  • High quality distortion-free optics
  • Rechargeable battery for cordless convenience
  • Sleek, modern design looks great on any vanity
  • Compact size is perfect for home, dorm, or travel

Achieve Flawless Makeup Looks with Ease

Get salon-quality lighting and magnification in a compact mirror designed for home use. The CHICLEW Lighted Makeup Mirror is the secret weapon of makeup lovers, beauty influencers, and professionals. Invest in this multi-functional makeup mirror to reveal your best skin and achieve stunning makeup effects!


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