Chef’sChoice Trizor XV The Ultimate Knife Sharpener For All Your Cutlery Needs



Whether you’re a home cook sharpening your favorite kitchen knives or a professional chef keeping your blades razor sharp, the Chef’sChoice Trizor XV electric knife sharpener is the perfect tool to keep your cutlery in peak performing condition. Engineered with the expertise of Chef’sChoice, a leader in innovative sharpening technology for over 50 years, this professional-grade sharpener allows anyone to achieve expert-level edges with speed and ease.

Three Diamond Sharpening Stages For Optimal Cutting Performance

At the heart of this sharpener lie three distinct sharpening stages equipped with 100% diamond abrasives – the hardest natural substance on Earth. Stage 1 uses coarse diamonds to reshape and re-edge dull or damaged blades. Stage 2 refines the edge with finer diamonds to hone a sharp, precise edge. Finally, Stage 3 polishes the edge to a smooth, ultra-sharp finish using flexible stropping discs.

Together, these three stages can take dull, worn knives and transform them into high-performance cutting tools. Whether you need to sharpen straight edge knives, serrated knives, or both, the Trizor XV handles them with ease.

Converts 20-Degree Knives To 15-Degrees For Easier Cutting

Traditional European-style knives are sharpened to 20 degrees while Asian-style knives are sharpened to 15 degrees. The more acute 15-degree angle results in a sharper edge that slices through food with less effort.

The Trizor XV is engineered to sharpen 20-degree knives down to an ultra-sharp 15 degrees. This allows any kitchen knife to achieve optimal cutting ability for clean slices and effortless chopping. Even lower quality knives will see a marked improvement in performance after sharpening on the XV.

Maintains Proper Sharpening Angles For Consistent, Long-Lasting Edges

A common struggle for home cooks and professionals alike is maintaining the proper angle when sharpening a knife by hand. This often results in uneven edges that don’t maximize the cutting potential of the blade.

The Trizor XV takes the guesswork out of sharpening with its precision angle guides. Flexible springs gently hold the knife in place at the ideal 15-degree sharpening angle as the abrasive wheels do their work. The end result is an even, arch-shaped edge that extends from tip to heel for full blade utilization. These edges retain their sharpness significantly longer compared to uneven hand-sharpened edges.

User-Friendly Design For Effortless Operation

Despite its professional-grade sharpening capability, the Trizor XV is designed for easy, intuitive use right out of the box. Sharpening knives is as simple as flipping the power switch on, pulling the knife through each slot, and powering off when finished.

The initial sharpening sequence takes about a minute for an extremely dull blade. Once a keen edge is established, resharpening only takes seconds – just a few pulls through the sharpening stages to restore the edge.

Audible feedback indicates when the knife has been sharpened. As the blade edge is perfected, the sound lowers from grinding to swishing. The Trizor XV operates at a quiet 65-75 decibels for comfortable use.

Engineered For Reliable Precision Sharpening

Like all Chef’sChoice sharpeners, the Trizor XV is crafted with quality materials for durability and engineering excellence. The sharpening stages are made of hardened metals to withstand years of regular sharpening. Diamond abrasives maintain their effectiveness through repeated use, while the stropping discs have a long-lasting polymer coating. Precision springs and angle guides deliver reliable, accurate sharpening day after day.

Backed by a limited 1-year warranty, this electric knife sharpener is built to provide a lifetime of flawless sharpening and unmatched versatility for straight edge, serrated, and beveled knives alike. Treat your cutlery to the sharpening expertise it deserves with the Chef’sChoice Trizor XV.

Technical Specifications:

  • Sharpening System: 3-stage with 100% diamond abrasives
  • Sharpening Stages: 1) CrissCross diamonds for reshaping; 2) Fine diamonds for honing; 3) Flexible stropping discs for polishing
  • Sharpening Angles: Converts 20-degree edges to ultimate 15-degree edges
  • Sharpening Slots: 3 (1 for each stage)
  • Edge: Full length, arch-shaped
  • Knife Types: Straight edge, serrated, beveled
  • Sound Level: 65-75 decibels
  • Materials: Metal housing, hardened metals, diamond abrasives, polymer strops
  • Dimensions: 4 x 6 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Brand: Chef’sChoice
  • Model Number: T15XV
  • Color: Gray
  • Origin: USA

Treat your knives to the royal treatment with the Chef’sChoice Trizor XV electric knife sharpener. Engineered to expertly sharpen and polish, this versatile 3-stage sharpener helps maintain optimal cutting performance on all types of kitchen knives.


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