Chef’sChoice Professional Electric Knife Sharpener – The Ultimate Tool for Razor-Sharp Knives



Are your knives still lacking that factory-fresh sharpness? Do you struggle to slice tomatoes or chop onions without crushing them? Look no further than the Chef’sChoice FlexHone/Strop Professional Electric Knife Sharpener, the foolproof solution for revitalizing dull knives.

This innovative 2-stage sharpener utilizes 100% diamond abrasives to gently sharpen both straight-edge and serrated 20-degree class knives to better-than-new sharpness within minutes. The compact design features advanced angle guides that automatically position and stabilize knives for precision sharpening results every time.

Lightning-Fast, Foolproof Sharpening

Sharpening knives by hand can be tedious and time-consuming, not to mention frustrating if you lack the proper technique. The Chef’sChoice Professional Sharpener takes the guesswork out of sharpening with its foolproof 2-stage system.

Stage 1 utilizes conical diamond abrasive disks to create a fresh bevel on your knives. The ultra-fine 100% diamonds gently remove metal to form a new cutting edge without overheating or damaging your blades.

Stage 2 further refines the edge using advanced micron-size 100% diamond abrasives. This final honing and polishing action realigns the edge for maximum sharpness and precision. The elegant design even collects metal filings for a clean sharpening process.

In just minutes, you can resurrect old, dull knives or maintain newer blades before they lose their edge. No more struggling to chop, slice, or carve. This professional-grade electric sharpener will have your knives gliding through food effortlessly once again.

Versatility for All Blade Types

This innovative sharpener accommodates both straight-edge and serrated knives with ease. The flexible spring-loaded diamond sharpening wheels automatically adjust to sharpen different blade angles.

The precisely angled guides keep knives stabilized for the perfect 20-degree bevel edge. This optimal blade angle allows for very sharp, durable edges that retain their sharpness longer.

From chef’s knives, Santoku knives, utility/paring knives to pocket and hunting knives – this sharpener breathes new life into all your cutlery. It’s even safe for high-quality Japanese knives and knives made with high-carbon steel.

The professional electric sharpener is also specially designed to sharpen both sides of serrated blades. The advanced flexible stropping disks gently follow the contours of serrated teeth to create ultra-sharp, sawing edges.

Whether your serrated knives are new or old, this sharpener will have them slicing bread and tomatoes with ease once again. No blade is too dull or challenging for the Chef’sChoice sharpener.

Superior Precision Guides

Maintaining the optimal sharpening angle is crucial for professional-grade sharpness and edge retention. That’s why the Chef’sChoice Professional Sharpener utilizes specialized precision angle guides.

The spring-loaded guides automatically position and hold knives in place at the ideal 20-degree sharpening angle as the diamond abrasive disks sharpen. This prevents over-sharpening at steeper angles which could damage blade edges.

The angle control mechanism also applies optimal yet gentle sharpening pressure on blades for fast sharpening without risk of overheating edges. Precision guides combined with flexible diamond abrasives allow this sharpener to maintain factory angles for consistent, razor-sharp results.

Advanced Diamond Abrasive System

At the heart of this professional electric sharpener is its 100% diamond abrasive sharpening system. Diamond is one of the hardest known materials, making it ideal for sharpening high-quality knife edges.

Both stages utilize diamond disks with precisely formed conical surfaces. This unique shape applies consistent, even sharpening pressure from tip to heel and edge to spine. The ultra-fine diamonds quickly sharpen without removing excessive metal or creating hot spots.

Stage 2 utilizes advanced monocrystalline diamonds just 10 microns in size for an incredibly refined edge. This microscopic polishing action realigns the edge for maximum sharpness.

The Chef’sChoice diamond sharpening system reshapes your blades for unmatched cutting performance rather than just removing metal like abrasive sharpening stones. The result is incredibly sharp, precise, durable edges.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Using this professional knife sharpener couldn’t be easier. Simply insert your knife into the spring-loaded guide and pull the blade through Stages 1 and 2. Each pass through the diamond abrasives further sharpens and polishes the edge.

The precision guides keep your knife at the optimal 20-degree sharpening angle so you get professional results without expertise. The advanced diamonds do all the work for you, while the guides prevent blade damage from over-sharpening.

Maintaining the sharpener is easy as well. Simply wipe the diamond abrasive surfaces clean after each use. Replacement diamond hone cartridges (each stage) are available when eventually needed. A sharpening log book is included to help track knife sharpening cycles.

Designed for Reliability and Longevity

Chef’sChoice utilizes extensive research and field testing to engineer high-quality, durable products. This professional electric sharpener is built using a durable plastic housing that resists staining and wear.

The internal components feature solid metal alloy construction and are precisely engineered for alignment and smooth operation. High-quality neoprene springs provide cushioning to keep blades stabilized.

Advanced patented flex hones and precise angle guides deliver reliable, consistent sharpening for the life of your sharpener. With proper care and maintenance, this professional-grade electric sharpener will provide years of flawless performance.

Sharpen Like the Experts

Don’t struggle with dull, frustrating knives any longer. Achieve expert-level sharpness and edge retention in your own home with the Chef’sChoice Professional Knife Sharpener.

This innovative 2-stage electric sharpener utilizes flexible diamond abrasives that sharpen all your knives to better-than-new condition within minutes.

Specialized precision guides automatically position blades at the optimal sharpening angle for incredibly sharp, durable 20-degree edges.

Whether you’re a home cook wanting razor-sharp knives or a professional chef demanding flawless performance, this sharpener delivers incredible precision, versatility and ease of use.

Restore the performance of your favorite cutlery and maintain knives to factory-fresh sharpness for all cutting tasks with the Chef’sChoice Professional Electric Knife Sharpener.


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