Chef’sChoice Professional Electric Knife Sharpener – The Ultimate Tool for Keeping Knives Razor Sharp



Stay on the Cutting Edge with the Chef’sChoice 1520 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener. As any chef knows, a sharp knife makes all the difference in the kitchen. With the 1520’s innovative sharpening technology, you’ll have professional-quality knives at your fingertips.

This versatile 3-stage sharpener provides superior sharpening and honing for both straight edge and serrated blades. The 100% diamond abrasives sharpen and hone your knives to perfection. Using advanced ANGELSELECT technology, you can customize the edge angle – choose between a standard 20° edge for most knives or an ultra-sharp 15° edge for fine cutting and carving.

Whatever type of knife you use – from French chef’s knives to pocket and hunting knives – the 1520 can handle it. The sharpener’s precision angle guides ensure the proper angle is applied along the entire blade edge. No more struggling to hold the knife steady at the right angle. Just pull the knife through each slot, and the guides do all the work for you.

3-Stage Sharpening System

The 1520 sharpener features a 3-stage system to reshape, sharpen, and polish knife edges:

Stage 1: Diamond abrasives sharpen and reshape the edge, removing nicks and restoring proper bevel angle.

Stage 2: Sharpening stage with finer diamonds further refines and polishes the edge.

Stage 3: Extra-fine diamonds produce a razor-sharp, arch-shaped edge with ultimate precision and smoothness.

Combining these stages creates stronger, longer-lasting edges that stay sharp for all cutting tasks. The sharpener’s patented spring guides allow each stage to self-adjust as needed for different blade thicknesses. Just glide the knife through each slot in sequence for a finished edge in seconds.

Designed for Straight and Serrated Blades

A common problem with electric knife sharpeners is their inability to properly sharpen serrated blades. But the 1520 handles both types of edges with ease.

For straight blades, the diamond abrasives reshape a precise bevel along the cutting edge. For serrated knives, the flexible spring guides allow the diamonds to sharpen each individual scallop. This restores clean, sharp teeth to give serrated knives renewed cutting power.

Sharpen at Ideal Angles

Proper edge angle is key for knife performance. The 1520’s innovative ANGLESELECT feature lets you choose either 20° or 15° sharpening angles.

The 20° angle works for most straight edge knives, including European/American blades, Asian knives, cleavers, and pocket knives. It produces a long-lasting, V-shaped edge suited for general kitchen tasks.

Switch to the 15° setting for surgical blades, paring knives, fillet knives, and other fine cutting tools. This mode creates an arch-shaped edge with ultimate sharpness and thinness for precision slicing, carving, and filleting.

The adjustable angle guide ensures every section of the edge is sharpened at just the right angle. No more inconsistent edges from trying to sharpen freehand.

Engineered for Durability

Built by EdgeCraft – the creators of Chef’sChoice professional sharpeners – the 1520 is engineered for performance and longevity. It features solid stainless steel construction and durable diamond abrasives that resist wear.

The patented spring precision guides are tested over 1 million cycles without losing accuracy. Advanced lubrasurf bonding adheres the diamonds firmly to sharpening plates. And the sharpening system is sealed to keep out metal swarf and other contaminants.

Add in a compact design with non-slip rubber feet, and you have an electric knife sharpener built to provide a lifetime of reliable service. Just wiping clean the exterior housing keeps the 1520 performing like new.

Sharpens Every Household and Sport Knife

The 1520 isn’t just for chef’s knives – it can sharpen just about any household or sporting cutting tool. Here are just some of the knives and tools it handles with ease:

  • Straight edge kitchen knives – chef’s, Santoku, utility, slicing, boning
  • Serrated knives – bread, carving, electric
  • Pocket and tactical knives
  • Hunting, fishing, and fillet knives
  • Scissors
  • Pruning shears
  • Woodcarving tools

Even high-end Japanese blades with hard steel are no match for the 1520’s diamond abrasives. And the adjustable angle settings work for European-style knives as well as angled Asian knives.

Why Choose the Chef’sChoice 1520?

The 1520 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener provides superior sharpening and convenience for both home cooks and professionals alike. Here are the top benefits that make it the top choice for knife sharpening:

  • 3-stage system with 100% diamond abrasives produces incredibly sharp, smooth edges.
  • ANGLESELECT feature allows switching between 20° and 15° sharpening angles.
  • Self-adjusting springs sharpen entire blade from tip to bolster.
  • Sharpens both straight and serrated edges to better-than-new condition.
  • Precision angle guides eliminate guesswork and sharpen with absolute consistency.
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction built for years of reliable use.
  • Compact size with non-slip feet for stability and safety.
  • Easy to use – just pull blade through each slot to sharpen.

Trust the 1520 to keep your knives razor sharp. Order today and make all cutting tasks easy and enjoyable. Your knives and tools will perform better than ever with edges sharpened by this professional-grade electric sharpener.


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