Celiwace Daylight Makeup Mirror Replacement Bulbs, 2-Pack 7 Inch 22W 6400K T5 Circular Fluorescent Lamps



Illuminate your beauty routine with the Celiwace Daylight Makeup Mirror Replacement Bulbs. This 2-pack of 7 inch T5 22W circular fluorescent bulbs provides the ideal brightness and color temperature for applying makeup, styling hair, and getting ready in the morning. With a daylight color temperature of 6400K, these bulbs provide crisp, natural lighting that allows you to see colors accurately for flawless application.

Key Features:

  • 2-pack of 7 inch diameter T5 22 watt circular fluorescent bulbs
  • 6400K daylight color temperature provides bright, natural light
  • 4-pin connector with pins on inside of bulb base
  • Plastic base is fixed – do not rotate to prevent malfunction
  • Compatible with Zadro, Floxite, Rialto makeup mirrors
  • 90 day money back guarantee

Sun-Like Lighting for Flawless Makeup Application

What sets these bulbs apart is the color quality of the light. With a color temperature of 6400K, these lights simulate natural daylight for true-to-life color rendering. This allows you to perfectly match your makeup to your skin’s undertones, blending and shading with precision. The bright 22W design provides ample illumination so you can see every detail, even for precise eyeliner application and detailing. Avoid embarrassing makeup mistakes by using proper lighting!

Designed for Compatibility

These Celiwace bulbs are specifically designed to be compatible with Zadro, Floxite and Rialto brand makeup mirrors. They share the same 7 inch diameter size and 4-pin connector to seamlessly replace burned out or old bulbs. With the fixed plastic base, just slide the new bulb in – no need to rotate or turn. Enjoy bright, long-lasting light for your makeup station again in minutes.

Premium Bulb Construction for Reliability

Built to last, these T5 bulbs feature shatter-resistant construction with quality phosphor coating and stable components. They are engineered for long life, while maintaining consistent warm lighting output over time. The 22 watt rating provides plenty of light but saves energy over traditional incandescent bulbs. With a 4-pin connection, installation is fast and easy.

Great for Makeup, Skincare, Salon Stations

Lighting is so important when applying makeup and doing detail work like skincare, nails, eyebrow grooming, and more. These bulbs are perfect for:

  • Makeup Vanity – Illuminate your glam station for perfect application
  • Bathroom Mirrors – Brighten up grooming and skincare routines
  • Dressing Tables – Add Hollywood-style lighting for hair and makeup
  • Salon Stations – Keep client mirrors brightly lit for services
  • Spa Treatment Rooms – Set the mood with natural lighting

The uses are endless – anywhere you need color-accurate illumination, these daylight bulbs deliver. Their versatility also makes them great for offices, art studios, inspection work, and more.


  • Base Type: 4 Pin
  • Bulb Shape: Circular
  • Color Temperature: 6400K Daylight
  • Diameter: 7 inches
  • Wattage: 22 Watts
  • Lumens: 1600
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Quantity: 2-pack

Easy Installation:

Installing these Celiwace bulbs is quick and easy:

  1. Turn off power and remove the old bulb from your mirror.
  2. Align the 4 pins on the Celiwace bulb to the 4 holes in the socket.
  3. Gently push in the bulb and twist to lock it into place.
  4. Restore power – your new bulb will turn on.

With the fixed base, you don’t need to rotate or turn the bulb during installation. Just slide it straight into the socket and enjoy instant bright lighting!

Superior Support

All Celiwace bulbs are backed by a 90-day money back guarantee. We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If you have any issues or need help with installation, our friendly support team is here to help. Reach out to us for prompt, professional assistance.

Order With Confidence

Upgrade your mirrors and vanities with these quality T5 circular fluorescent bulbs from Celiwace. Their daylight color and bright 22W output will make makeup application effortless and enjoyable. Click Add to Cart now to get salon-style lighting in your home! We ship promptly from our US-based warehouse.


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