Cavoli Magnified LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror



Look closely and see your true beauty shine with the Cavoli Magnified LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror. This innovative dual-sided mirror provides both a full view and 10x magnification to help you apply makeup flawlessly.

See Every Detail Magnified 10x

The right side of the mirror magnifies your reflection 10 times, allowing you to see even the finest details. Get ultra close to tweeze eyebrows, apply eyeliner with precision, and ensure your makeup looks airbrushed and perfect. The 10x magnification is ideal for detecting blemishes, shaping brows, and doing detailed work that requires getting up close.

Full View for Overall Use

The left side of the mirror provides a regular 1x magnification with a wide viewing area. Check your overall look from head to toe before heading out the door. The full view is perfect for styling your hair, assessing your outfit, and getting a complete glance at your finished makeup.

LED Lighting Brightens Like Natural Daylight

This makeup mirror is equipped with 50 LED bulbs that provide bright, natural-looking light. Three lighting modes include cold white, warm white, and warm light yellow. The lighting allows you to apply makeup accurately any time of day, whether you’re up early or glamming up at night. No more makeup mistakes in dim lighting!

Sleek Space-Saving Design

The minimalist brushed nickel finish looks elegant while saving space. The 9 inch mirrored surface extends up to 13 inches on an adjustable double-jointed arm. Tilt and swivel the mirror to your ideal angle. This wall mount mirror stays out of the way when folded closed.

Moisture-Resistant for Bathrooms

Durable brass construction resists moisture, condensation, and corrosion. Place this makeup mirror in your bathroom with confidence knowing it’s built to withstand the humidity. The water-resistant design also makes cleaning a breeze.

Easy Installation

This wall mounted mirror comes ready to mount with the necessary hardware and cord included. Simply plug it into your outlet. A hardwired option without the power cord is also available. Installation is quick and easy.

5 Year Warranty

We stand behind the quality and construction of this makeup mirror. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a 5 year warranty. We’ll promptly resolve any issues that may come up. The LED bulbs are replaceable by contacting us.

The Cavoli Magnified LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror is the perfect addition to any vanity area. The 10x magnification, adjustable arm, and lighting allow you to look your best every day. Order now to enjoy flawless makeup application!


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