CAROTE 11pcs Detachable Handle Cookware Set – Space-Saving & Easy to Clean Nonstick Pots and Pans



Tired of rummaging through a cluttered cupboard stacked with odds and ends just to find the right pot or pan? Search no more with the CAROTE 11pcs Detachable Handle Cookware Set. This versatile nonstick cookware set maximizes storage space by allowing you to detach the handles when not in use. Gain up to 70% more room in your cupboard for a clutter-free kitchen.

When it’s time to cook, simply click the handles back on in a snap. The detachable handles make transferring from stovetop to oven or table a breeze. No more struggling with bulky handles that get in the way. Enjoy hassle-free cooking and cleaning with these detachable handle pots and pans.

Key Features:

Space-Saving Detachable Handles
Remove the handles to stack pots and pans neatly and maximize cupboard storage space by up to 70%. Anti-hot detachable handles allow you to remove handles safely.

Superior Nonstick Performance
The eco-friendly granite coating allows for low-oil cooking and easy food release. Cleanup is a breeze – foods won’t stick.

Even and Quick Heating
Aluminum core construction heats up rapidly and distributes heat evenly. Enjoy perfectly cooked meals every time.

Oven & Dishwasher Safe
Oven safe up to 300°F. Both cookware set and dishwasher safe for 1-time easy cleanup.

Ergonomic Detachable Handles
Handles detach and re-attach securely in a click for versatile stovetop to oven use. Anti-slip and ergonomic handle design for comfort.

Complete 11 Piece Cookware Set Includes:

8″ Frying Pan – Perfect for cooking eggs, pancakes, or sautéing veggies. 120mm diameter, 35mm height.

9.5″ Frying Pan – Larger pan great for cooking meats or seafood. 240mm diameter, 45mm height.

11″ Frying Pan with Lid – Extra large frying pan with lid ideal for one-pan meals. 280mm diameter, 75mm height.

1.6 Quart Pot with Lid – Small pot great for cooking rice or heating up sides. 120mm diameter, 105mm height.

2.6 Quart Pot with Lid – Medium pot perfect for soups, pasta, or boiling veggies. 160mm diameter, 110mm height.

4.2 Quart Pot with Lid – Large stock pot great for chili, stews, pasta, and more. 180mm diameter, 140mm height.

1 Egg Pan – Single egg skillet lets you cook eggs just how you like. 90mm diameter, 25mm height.

Designed for Any Cooktop:

This CAROTE cookware set works great on all stovetops including induction. The aluminum core construction allows for rapid, even heating no matter which cooktop you use.

The eco-friendly nonstick granite coating allows you to cook with less oil for healthy low-fat meals. Food slides right off the pans for quick and easy dish washing.

While most nonstick sets can’t withstand oven temperatures, this set is oven safe up to 300°F. Go from stovetop, to oven, to table without a hassle thanks to the detachable handles.

Your New Go-To Cookware Set

Stop struggling with a cluttered cupboard and bulky awkward cookware. The CAROTE 11pcs Detachable Handle Cookware Set streamlines storage while also providing versatile, high performance pots and pans.

The detachable handles allow you to store the set neatly and maximize cupboard space. When it’s time to cook, simply click the handles on and you’ll have the right pan for any recipe.

With rapid, even heating and superior nonstick performance, you’ll be able to cook all your favorite dishes effortlessly. Eggs, pancakes, and veggies all slide right off the pans thanks to the eco-friendly granite coating.

Cleanup is just as easy with the ability to pop the pots and pans right in the dishwasher. Keep your kitchen clutter-free and enjoy hassle-free cooking and cleaning with this CAROTE cookware set.

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