Calyx Interiors Elegant Snow White Faux Wood Window Blinds with Luxurious Royal Valance – Modern yet Timeless Window Covering to Transform Your Home



Add a touch of refined elegance to your windows with the Calyx Interiors Snow White Faux Wood Blind with Royal Valance. This beautiful window covering combines the warmth and texture of faux wood with the sophistication of crisp white color to create a look that is both classic and contemporary.

Faux Wood Construction and Smooth Finish for Visual Appeal

The faux wood material has a realistic wood grain finish that looks and feels like real wood, without the maintenance. The slats have a smooth, painted finish that resists fingerprints and cleans easily with just a damp cloth. The faux wood provides natural beauty without warping, cracking or fading like real wood.

2-Inch Slats Offer Privacy and Light Control

This blind features 2-inch wide horizontal slats that tilt to control light and privacy. Tilting the slats open or closed lets you regulate both illumination and visibility. With the slats fully tilted open, the blind allows maximum incoming daylight. Tilting them closed blocks outside views for full privacy. Position the slats anywhere in between for just the right amount of light and visibility.

Cordless Design for Safety and Convenience

This window blind operates cordlessly with a derived push-up and pull-down mechanism. Simply use the bottom rail to raise or lower the blind. The cordless design is ideal for homes with children and pets because it eliminates dangling cords that pose safety risks like strangulation hazards. Cordless operation also provides smooth, effortless blind control.

Royal Valance for an Elegant Finishing Touch

The included royal valance adds a touch of sophistication with its gracefully curved shape. It spans the width of the blind and projects outward to create the appearance of a pelmet or cornice. The valance attaches easily above the blind and softens the hard window frame lines. Choose fully lowered blinds with a visible valance for enhanced elegance or raise the blind behind the valance to highlight its decorative header.

Custom Size to Fit Your Windows

These faux wood blinds are available in custom sizes to fit your exact window dimensions. Specify the width and height you need up to the maximum size offered. The blinds come in a standard 34 inch width, but widths up to 72 inches are available. For the height, choose up to an 84 inch length. Get an exact tailored fit to maximize light control, privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Easy Installation for Inside or Outside Mounting

Mount the blinds inside your window frames for a clean, built-in look. Or install them outside the frames to showcase the window molding. Included are installation brackets, screws and anchors to attach the blinds directly to the window jamb or wall. Measure precisely and follow the included directions for accurate DIY installation. If desired, professional installation is also available.

Designed for Indoor Use in Dry Locations

These faux wood blinds are designed for indoor use only in dry areas like living rooms, bedrooms, offices, kitchens, dining rooms and more. They should not be installed in wet locations like bathrooms with tubs or showers. The blinds require at least 2 inches of flat mounting depth, but 3 inches is recommended for a flush, streamlined look.

Vivid Snow White Color Complements Any Decor

The crisp, snow white color and faux wood texture allow these blinds to match any style from farmhouse casual to urban modern. The clean white brightens rooms and enlarged windows, especially when the blinds are fully open. Or close them partially or fully for soft, diffused natural light. The white blends seamlessly with color schemes from bold hues to neutral palettes.

Easy Care and Maintenance

These faux wood blinds are designed for low maintenance. To clean, simply wipe down the slats periodically with a soft damp cloth using mild soap and water or household cleaner. Do not soak the blinds. Let air dry completely before remounting. Vacuum the slats with a brush attachment when dusty. With proper care, the blinds will provide lasting beauty and trouble-free use for years.

Upgrade Your Windows Affordably with Calyx Interiors Blinds

The Calyx Interiors Snow White Faux Wood Blind with Royal Valance offers a tasteful and affordable way to upgrade the look of your windows. The combination of convincing faux wood texture, crisp white color, tailored fit and coordinating valance creates a high-end custom window treatment without the premium cost. Easily alter light, privacy and ambiance while enhancing your view. Let these versatile, stylish blinds provide the perfect finishing touch for any residential or office space.


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