Calphalon 11-Inch Square Nonstick Griddle Pan



The Calphalon 11-Inch Square Nonstick Griddle Pan is the ultimate cookware for preparing perfect pancakes, eggs, meats and more. With its hard-anodized aluminum construction and triple layer nonstick interior, this griddle is built to last and designed to make cooking easy.

The first thing you’ll notice about this griddle pan is the premium triple layer nonstick interior. It delivers 40% more durability versus Calphalon’s Classic cookware for outstanding food release and easy cleanup. The nonstick surface is metal utensil safe, so you don’t have to worry about damage when flipping pancakes or turning meats. Foods slide right off the surface, eliminating the frustration of stuck on foods.

Underneath the nonstick layers is hard-anodized aluminum. This material is twice as hard as stainless steel for maximum strength and superior conductivity. The dark espresso exterior also provides excellent heat absorption and retention, so your griddle reaches the ideal temperature quickly and maintains it evenly. Such even heating allows you to cook foods to perfection without hot spots.

The 11-inch square shape of this griddle pan gives you plenty of cooking surface for preparing multiple items at once. Make a whole package of pancakes or cook enough eggs and bacon for the whole family. Or use it to grill up vegetables, sear meats or make quesadillas. The square shape maximizes cooking space while taking up minimal room in storage.

Comfortable stainless steel handles are dual riveted to the pan for extra durability. The handles stay cool on the stovetop so they are easy to grip. A helper handle on the opposite side provides extra control when lifting and maneuvering the pan.

This Calphalon square griddle is oven safe up to 450°F, so you can start foods on the stovetop then finish cooking them in the oven. Transferring the pan into the oven gives foods like pancakes, eggs or meats a nice crispy finish.

Caring for this griddle pan couldn’t be easier thanks to its dishwasher safe design. Simply place it in the dishwasher after cooking for fast clean up. It’s also compatible with all stovetops including gas, electric, glass top and induction.

With Calphalon’s full lifetime warranty, you can enjoy flawless performance and cooking convenience from this professional grade square griddle for years to come. It’s the perfect pan for pancake lovers, large families or anyone who wants to cook like a short order cook.

Key Features:

  • Hard-anodized aluminum construction for durability and fast, even heating
  • Triple layer nonstick interior delivers 40% longer lasting release
  • Dark espresso hard-anodized exterior provides excellent heat absorption
  • 11-inch square shape offers ample cooking surface
  • Metal utensil safe for worry-free cooking and easy food release
  • Stainless steel handles stay cool on the stovetop
  • Helper handle provides extra control when maneuvering
  • Oven safe to 450°F
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • Compatible with gas, electric, glass top and induction cooktops
  • Full lifetime warranty

Outperform the Competition

This Calphalon Premier square griddle pan outshines cheaper cookware in every way. The hard-anodized aluminum construction ensures excellent durability that thinner, stainless steel pans just can’t match. Tri-ply pans with an aluminum core sandwiched by stainless steel often carry a premium price tag. But this more affordable Calphalon model actually provides superior heat conductivity and retention thanks to the anodized aluminum exterior.

Standard nonstick pans use a spray coating that wears off within a couple years. But the triple layer PFOA-free nonstick interior on this Calphalon griddle delivers exceptional release and 40% longer life. Cheaper nonstick and stainless steel pans require copious amounts of butter or oil to prevent sticking. But foods effortlessly release from this pan’s durable nonstick for healthier cooking using less fat.

While metal utensils can easily scratch the nonstick of typical pans, that’s not a concern with this Calphalon. The reinforced nonstick finish holds up to metal spatulas, tongs and more.

Many griddle pans max out at an oven safe temp around 350°F. But this model can withstand up to 450°F oven heat for finishing foods with a crispy crown.

Cook Like a Pro

This professional grade Calphalon Premier griddle unlocks endless cooking possibilities. The expansive 11 inch square cooking surface provides plenty of room to cook a restaurant worthy breakfast. Pour pancake batter to make a half dozen or more flapjacks at a time. Fry up a pound of bacon and eggs all at once to fuel the whole family.

Sear juicy burgers by the bunch to satisfy a backyard BBQ crowd. Take advantage of the ample room to grill multiple steaks, pork chops, chicken breasts and more. Crepe lovers can create a stack in one batch.

The flat bottom offers maximum contact with the heat source for enviable sear marks and caramelization. Flip quesadillas, grilled cheeses and pressed Cuban sandwiches effortlessly thanks to the nonstick release.

While most griddles have narrow channels that limit grease drainage, the flat surface of this Calphalon allows grease to run off into a drip pan. This allows you to cook up health-conscious versions of typically fatty foods. Make grease-free bacon, low fat burgers and more.

From pancakes to eggs, sandwiches to burgers, this do-it-all griddle will become your new go-to for everyday meals and weekend entertaining.

Oven to Table Convenience

The versatility of this Calphalon griddle pan makes it easy to cook an entire meal with just one pan. Start pork chops or chicken breasts on the stovetop to brown the exterior. Then transfer directly to the oven baked to juicy perfection.

Bake fish fillets or fresh veggies like zucchini, peppers, potatoes and onions on the pan. Take loaded nachos from stovetop to oven for melted cheese and crispy edges.

The oven safe design also lets you give foods like pancakes, French toast or quesadillas a crispy finish. Bake omelets, frittatas or crustless quiches to get the tops perfectly browned.

Thanks to the durable construction, you don’t have to worry about this pan warping or the nonstick degrading at typical baking temps. Slide it directly from the oven onto a trivet for quick and easy transport to the table for serving.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Many griddle pans need to be hand washed to preserve the nonstick coating. But this Calphalon square griddle can be placed right in the dishwasher for quick clean up after cooking. The durable nonstick holds up to high heat dishwasher cycles for your convenience.

Over time, some griddle pans can develop a patina from oil and grease that affects cooking performance. Avoid this with the easy clean up of this model. It will continue looking and cooking like new for years.

The dark hard-anodized aluminum exterior hides small scratches well. A thorough cleaning restores the smooth surface if any marks occur. Avoid abrasive scouring pads or cleaners that could mar the exterior.

With proper care, this professional grade Calphalon griddle will deliver flawless cooking experiences for a lifetime. The full warranty provides peace of mind that it’s built to last.

Rave Reviews

With nearly 2,000 reviews, this Calphalon Premier griddle pan earns an outstanding 4.5 out of 5 star overall rating. Owners love the performance, durability and convenience. Here are just a few of the positive comments:

“This griddle is heavy duty and distributes heat evenly. The nonstick surface is amazing and cleanup is so easy. I use it for pancakes, eggs, bacon, grilled cheese and quesadillas nearly every day.”

“I cook juicy burgers on this grill pan with no sticking at all. It gives such nice sear marks and makes it easy to get that crisp crust.”

“The 11-inch cooking surface flips multiple pancakes with ease. I can make a big batch for my family all at once.”

“This pan looks brand new after a year of regular use. The nonstick is holding up perfectly even in the dishwasher.”

“It’s nice and flat so oil drains away from foods. Makes it easy to cook healthier versions of typically greasy foods.”

Ideal for Every Household

This professional grade Calphalon Premier Square Griddle Pan is perfect for any home cook that wants restaurant style results. The hard-anodized aluminum construction ensures fast heating and even cooking. Ample room allows you to cook large batches with ease. And triple layer nonstick delivers easy release performance that lasts.

From pancakes to burgers, this griddle makes it easy to cook like a short order cook at home. Oven safe design provides incredible versatility to start stovetop and finish in the oven. Hassle-free cleanup in the dishwasher after daily use helps the pan maintain its like-new performance for years. Outshine ordinary cookware and enjoy exceptional results with this top rated griddle pan.


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