Caesar Home UV Protective Display Case for Cherished Memories, Medals & Memorabilia – Premium Black Frame with Linen & Felt Backing – Showcase Your Collection in Style



Treasure your most cherished memories and proudly display your prized possessions with the Caesar Home UV Protective Display Case. This premium black shadow box frame allows you to showcase your memorabilia in style while keeping your treasures safe from damage.

With its sleek black frame and minimalist design, this display case makes an elegant addition to any room. The outer dimensions measure 18” x 22”, with a generous 16” x 20” inner display area that provides ample space for all your keepsakes and collectibles.

Protect Your Memories with UV Blocking

The polycarbonate transparent viewing window blocks 99% of UV light, preventing fading or discoloration. Unlike glass or acrylic, this durable material is shatterproof and withstands impacts. Your precious souvenirs will look just as vibrant years from now.

Whether you want to exhibit your military medals, preserve your wedding bouquet, or display your diploma, this shadow box frame keeps your memories safe from harm.

Customize Your Display with Two Background Options

Showcase your keepsakes against a crisp black felt backdrop for a bold, contemporary look. Or use the natural linen interior for a softer, more rustic feel.

Easily switch between backgrounds by flipping the frame. With two options to choose from, you can select the interior that best complements your collection. They also make it easy to change up your display down the road.

Artfully Arrange Your Treasures with Included Pins

This display case includes 16 white pins for artfully arranging your memorabilia. Carefully position each pin to hold items in place, creating an attractive exhibit.

Use the pins to highlight important features or draw the eye to special details. Whether you opts for a symmetrical layout or creative composition, the pins help you style your collection just right.

Hang Horizontally or Vertically for Flexible Display Options

The integrated hanging hardware allows you to mount this frame vertically or horizontally to suit your space and content.

Hang horizontally to showcase wide items like jerseys, artwork or large collages. Display vertically for longer items such as flags, clothing, or multiple medals layered from top to bottom.

Place on the wall, lean on a shelf or mount standalone on an easel. This adaptable display case lets you get creative with how you exhibit your memorabilia.

Ideal for Collectibles, Memorabilia, Awards & Milestones

Military, police, firefighter medals & pins
Sports jerseys, signed balls & equipment
Graduation cap, tassel & diploma
Memorabilia from vacations, concerts & events
Souvenir ticket stubs & backstage passes
Tournament trophies, ribbons & medals
Wedding bouquets, invitations & photos
Baby’s first shoes, lock of hair & hospital bracelet
Report cards, spelling bee medals & science fair awards
Pin/button collections & crafts
Dried flowers & pressed plants
Whatever occasions you want to commemorate, this display case provides a home for the artifacts that tell your story. Curate an evolving exhibit as you accumulate new treasures over the years.

Preserve Your Achievements for Posterity

Building a career, raising a family, serving your country – life’s milestones are meant to be celebrated. Preserve your proudest accomplishments and fondest memories with the Caesar Home UV Protective Display Case.

Showcase your valued possessions so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. Let this shadow box frame safely guard your treasures while putting them on exhibit for all to admire.


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