C-Line Deluxe CD Storage Pages – Keep Your Music Collection Organized in Style



Your music collection deserves to be displayed and protected in style. That’s where the C-Line Deluxe CD Storage Pages come in. These high-quality pages allow you to neatly organize, store, and protect up to 40 CDs in an attractive binder.

Double-Sided pages Maximize Storage Space

Each sturdy page holds 8 CDs – 4 on the front and 4 on the back. This double-sided design minimizes wasted space, allowing you to store more CDs in less binder space. With 5 pages included in each pack, you can organize and protect 40 CDs right out of the box. Additional pages are available when you’re ready to expand.

Strong Polypropylene Material Protects Your Discs

The pages are constructed from CD-safe polypropylene plastic for ultimate protection. This material is shatterproof so your discs won’t crack or break, even if accidentally dropped. The pages also shield your CDs from dust, scratches, and other damage over time. Your music collection will stay in pristine condition.

Non-Woven Fabric Cleans as it Stores

Along with protection, the pages also keep your CDs clean. The non-woven fabric lining on each page safely wipes away fingerprints, dust, and debris each time you insert or remove a disc. No more wiping down dirty discs before listening – just take them out of the binder and enjoy your music.

Create a Custom Library to Show Off Your Collection

Treat your CD collection like the works of art they are. Adding labeled CD storage pages to your favorite binder allows you to create a customized music library. Arrange your albums alphabetically, by genre, by year, or any way you like. Add divider pages between categories for an organized music database you’ll love flipping through.

Compatible with Standard 3-Ring Binders

The punched pages fit all standard 3-ring binders up to 1.5 inches wide. Purchase your favorite binder style separately, or use one you already have at home or office. Common choices include basic white binders, sleek leatherette, or multi-colored D-ring options. The pages also work perfectly with C-Line’s matching premium black CD binder.

Create a Full Music Storage & Display System

For a complete system, pair your CD storage pages with C-Line’s 3-ring CD binder kit. It comes with protective sleeves for 58 CDs and a matching black binder with inside label holder. Use the included stickers to label the spine with title and volume number. This keeps your entire music library organized on the shelf.

Don’t settle for tossed-together piles of scratched, damaged CDs. The C-Line Deluxe CD Storage Pages help you neatly arrange your collection while keeping the discs clean and protected. Turn your CDs into a music library you’ll be proud to display and enjoy for years to come.

Customer Reviews

“These pages are perfect for organizing my huge CD collection. I love the double-sided design – it holds so many! My music room looks great now with my albums neatly displayed on shelves in matching binders.” – Melissa A.

“I bought these C-Line pages for my son to organize his growing CD collection. The plastic is really durable and I don’t worry about his discs getting damaged. They fit nicely in the 3-ring binder he already had too.” – Daniel S.

“These CD storage pages are just what I needed to organize my old CDs. I had them piled up in boxes and could never find what I wanted. Now they are neatly organized in binders and easy to flip through. Much better than digging through boxes!” – Brian L.

“I love the fabric lining that wipes the CDs clean each time you insert them. No more fingerprints or dust buildup on my discs! I use these pages in matching black binders to create a music library I proudly display in my living room.” – Amanda R.

Protect Your CD Collection in Style with C-Line Storage Pages

If you’re still storing your CD collection in flimsy folders or thin plastic sleeves, it’s time for an upgrade. The C-Line Deluxe CD Storage Pages are the ideal solution for protecting your discs while creating an organized music library to enjoy for years. Order a pack today and display your collection with pride!


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