Brooklinen Classic Bath Towels – The Softest, Most Absorbent Towels for Spa-Like Luxury in Your Own Home



Treat yourself to the softness and luxury of a five-star hotel every time you step out of the shower with the Brooklinen Classic Bath Towels. These 100% Turkish cotton towels are ultra-soft and highly absorbent, quickly whisking away moisture for that just-stepped-out-of-the-spa feeling.

Turkish Cotton for Unbeatable Softness

What makes the Brooklinen Classic Towels so irresistibly soft? It’s the premium long-staple Turkish cotton used in their construction. Turkish cotton fibers are longer and smoother than standard cotton, resulting in a stronger and more durable yarn that gets fluffier and softer with every wash. These towels feel gentler against your skin while their luxe weight and density give them a plush, spa-like feel.

Highly Absorbent for Drying in a Flash

After your shower, you want your towel to absorb water quickly so you can get dry fast. The Brooklinen Classic Towels have a 550 GSM weight that provides incredible absorbency. The dense loop pile holds moisture effectively so you’ll dry off in no time. No more sopping wet towels that can’t seem to get the job done. Just pure, efficient absorption every time.

Oversized Bath Sheets Wrap You in Comfort

Why struggle to dry off with a tiny towel? The Brooklinen Classic Bath Towels measure a spacious 30” x 58”, giving you plenty of fabric to comfortably wrap around yourself. The oversized size is perfect for securing around your body or hair to eliminate dripping. Now you can stroll around your bathroom in the same comfort you’d expect from a luxury robe.

A Touch of Hygge for Your Bathroom

Available in eight pleasing neutral tones like Smoke Gray, the Brooklinen Classic Towels add a touch of the Danish concept of hygge to your space. Often understood as creating coziness and comfort, hygge is about surrounding yourself with items that bring you happiness. So wrap yourself in one of these soft towels after your shower and let it infuse your bathroom with warmth and pleasure.

Hotel-Inspired Styling Adds Spa Ambiance

Folded neatly and displayed in your bathroom, the Brooklinen Classic Towels bring upscale style inspired by luxury hotels. Their classic look in muted modern hues complements any decor. Drape them over a hook or place them in a stylish basket to create a spa aesthetic. It’s a little detail that makes you feel pampered in your own home.

Responsibly Sourced for You and the Planet

Brooklinen understands that you want towels that are good for you and the environment. That’s why they partner with manufacturers who share their values around sustainability and ethical production practices. The Classic Towels are OEKO-TEX certified free of harmful chemicals and substances.

Hassle-Free Returns Guarantee Your Satisfaction

The team at Brooklinen offers a 365-day return policy so you can truly try out your new towels. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return or exchange them easily. Brooklinen wants you to love your towels and will work to make it right if you’re not 100% happy.

Elevate Your Bathing Ritual with Plush, Absorbent Towels

Treat yourself to a little luxury and comfort with the Brooklinen Classic Bath Towels. Their Turkish cotton construction provides unmatched softness and absorption. The oversized size wraps your body in spa-like comfort. Style your bathroom with their modern hotel aesthetic. Brooklinen’s towels make you feel pampered, indulgent, and oh so cozy each time you step out of the shower. Elevate your home bathing ritual with the softness you deserve.


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