Bring Striking Sculptural Style to Any Space with the Deco 79 Aluminum Drip Accent Table



This eye-catching aluminum accent table from Deco 79 features a bold, contemporary design that makes a statement in any living room, bedroom, or office. The sculptural metal base has a unique dripping silhouette that looks as if the silver aluminum is melting, while the opaque black glass top provides contrast and gives this table a heavy, grounded feel. At 16 x 16 inches, it has a medium footprint that takes up little floorspace while still anchoring a room.

Sleek Modern Design Shows Off the Beauty of Metal

The Deco 79 Drip Accent Table has an architectural shape created from raw, unfinished aluminum. The naturally textured pockmarked surface and metallic sheen give this table an edgy, urban vibe perfect for modern spaces. Its round sculpted base features elongated dripping shapes that almost resemble candle wax and taper gracefully from top to bottom. This gorgeous melting effect resembles a Salvador Dali painting and adds artsy ambiance to any room.

While the base steals the show, the black glass tabletop provides the perfect complement. Dark and opaque, it contrasts beautifully with the light, eye-catching metal legs. The glass top measures 15.5 inches in diameter, providing ample usable surface area for lamps, books, or home decor. Its rounded edges mirror the circular base, giving this table a cohesive and balanced look.

At 24.5 inches high, the Deco 79 Drip Table has a good height for use next to a sofa or chair. The overall size of 16 x 16 x 24.5 inches ensures it will fit into small spaces without overwhelming. Weighing just 14.3 pounds, it can easily be moved to different spots as needed.

Constructed from Durable Materials for Years of Use

This contemporary accent table is built to last. The sculptural aluminum base has excellent strength and durability. Aluminum can withstand high traffic areas without showing signs of wear and will never corrode. The raw, unfinished surface has a beautiful brushed metal texture and gains character over time as it develops a patina.

The round tempered glass top provides an elegant surface that is extremely scratch resistant and able to handle the rigors of daily use. Tempered glass is 4-5x stronger than annealed glass. It is heat strengthened using a special heating process and then rapidly cooled to create internal compression. This makes it safer and less prone to shattering than regular glass. The durable materials ensure this table will become a treasured addition you can enjoy for many years.

Make a Striking Statement in Any Room

Living Room – Anchor your sitting area and use it to hold drinks, remotes, books and more. The sculptural base is sure to be a conversation piece!
Bedroom – Perfect as a nightstand to hold your bedside lamp, phone, alarm clock. Adds a dose of style next to your bed.
Home Office – Use as an accent table next to your office chair to hold paperwork, supplies, or decor. Makes your workspace more inspiring.
Entryway – Provides a place to toss your keys while making an artistic impression in your foyer, hallway or mudroom.
Bathroom – Use in your master bath as an accent table that holds folded towels, decorative jars or a lovely candle.

With its versatile size and sculptural look, this accent table can make its home in any room. Place it next to a sofa, chair, or bed to hold everyday essentials with a healthy dose of wow factor. Or put it on display in an empty corner to exhibit its silhouette and materials. Wherever it’s positioned, the Deco 79 Aluminum Drip Accent Table will create an artistic focal point.

Deco 79 – Unique, Affordable Accent Furniture to Show Off Your Style

Deco 79 offers a wide selection of eclectic home furnishings and accessories that blend quality materials, on-trend designs, and affordable prices. Founded in 2005, they specialize in statement pieces across a variety of styles including industrial, mid-century, boho, and contemporary. Each piece is crafted from durable engineered wood, iron, aluminum, glass, marble, and other quality materials designed to last.

Deco 79 strives to make stylish decor achievable at reasonable price points. A mix of modern and classic elements gives their collections a versatile aesthetic that looks great and won’t break the bank. Their sculptural tables like the Drip Accent Table add artistic flair that pulls any room together. Discover the Deco 79 difference and bring personality and sophistication to your space!


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