Brandstand CubieBlue Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker & Charging



Wake up to your favorite tunes with the Brandstand CubieBlue Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker & Charging. This innovative alarm clock doubles as a Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to music from your phone or tablet while getting ready in the morning. It also has convenient built-in USB charging ports and tamper resistant outlets to charge your devices overnight.

With its clean, modern design, the CubieBlue alarm clock looks great on any nightstand or desk. The large LED display shows the time clearly and is easy to read, even from across the room. Setting the alarm is a breeze with the simple one button press and turn design. Choose from alarm or FM radio to wake you up. When the alarm goes off, just hit the top button to snooze it.

What really makes the CubieBlue stand out is the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Wirelessly pair your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device to the alarm clock to play your music or podcasts out loud. The speaker produces surprisingly robust, high quality audio you wouldn’t expect from a compact alarm clock. It’s perfect for listening to music as you get ready in the morning.

Not only does it play music, but the CubieBlue charges your devices too. It has one USB-A and one USB-C port conveniently located on the back to charge two devices simultaneously. The USB ports charge smartphones, tablets, and other devices quickly, so they’ll be powered up and ready to go when you need them.

For even more charging capability, the alarm clock also features two 110V tamper resistant outlets. Safely plug in lamps, fans, and other electronics without worrying about kids sticking items into the sockets. The built-in shutters prevent foreign objects from being inserted. With two outlets and two USB ports, you’ll be able to charge up to 4 devices at once. No more fighting over the power outlets in the morning!

Safety is also designed into this alarm clock. It has built-in surge protection to protect your expensive devices in the event of a power surge or spike. Electrical storms and faults in the electrical system can damage electronics, but the CubieBlue’s surge protection helps prevent this. You can charge with confidence knowing your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and other gadgets are safe.

The Brandstand CubieBlue Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker & Charging combines multiple useful functions into one convenient device. Stop scrambling to find your phone to shut off your morning alarm and just hit the handy button on top. Listen to music or podcasts to start your day in a pleasant mood. Power up all your gadgets without unplugging lamps or other electronics. With the CubieBlue, your morning routine just got a whole lot easier.

Key Features:

Bluetooth speaker plays music from your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device
Simple one button press and turn alarm clock is easy to set
Wake to radio or alarm
LED digital display with dimmer is easy to read
Snooze button on top lets you catch a few more Zzz’s
Built-in surge protection protects your devices from electrical surges
1x USB-A and 1x USB-C charging ports charge up to 2 devices simultaneously
2x 110V tamper resistant outlets for safely charging electronics
Compact design looks great on nightstand or desk
High quality audio produces robust sound

Listen to Your Music Out Loud

The CubieBlue alarm clock’s built-in Bluetooth speaker makes it easy to listen to all your music, podcasts, audiobooks and more. Just pair your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop to the speaker wirelessly and stream audio from up to 30 feet away.

You’ll be amazed at the great sound that comes out of this little alarm clock. The 3W speaker with a passive bass radiator pumps out surprisingly powerful, high quality audio. Crisp highs and robust bass fill your bedroom or kitchen so you can hear every detail of your music. It gets loud enough to hear over the shower or blow dryer.

Whether you like rocking out to upbeat playlists to start your day or prefer listening to talk radio, the CubieBlue has you covered. Set the mood you want with your favorite audio.

Wake Up On Time with a Reliable Alarm

Never miss another important appointment or oversleep again with the CubieBlue’s easy to set alarm clock. The jumbo LED display clearly shows the time and even has a dimmer so it won’t be too bright at night.

Setting the alarm takes just a button press and turn of the dial – no confusing multiple buttons. Choose to wake to either the radio or alarm buzzer. The alarm volume gradually increases from quiet to loud so it won’t startle you awake.

When the alarm goes off, just tap the convenient snooze button on top to get a few more minutes of precious sleep before the alarm wakes you again. Snooze as much as you want or turn the alarm off for good with a press and hold of the button when you’re ready to start your day.

With dual power backup, you don’t have to worry about the alarm failing even if the power goes out during the night. The battery keeps the clock and alarm working so you won’t miss your wake up time.

The CubieBlue alarm is reliable and easy to use – exactly what you want to get up on time every morning.

Convenient Charging Ports

With all our devices that need frequent charging, trying to find available outlets can be challenging. The CubieBlue solves this problem by integrating both USB and AC outlets so you can charge all your gear in one place.

Located on the back bottom of the alarm clock are one USB-A and one USB-C port. Plug your phone, tablet or other USB charged device into either port for fast, reliable charging overnight. The USB ports charge devices quickly so they’ll be fully powered when you take them off the clock in the morning.

But the CubieBlue doesn’t stop there. It also has two 110V electrical outlets built right into the back. Plug in and power lamps, fans, laptops, and anything else you need charged nearby.

Between the two USB ports and two AC outlets, you can charge up to 4 devices at the same time. No more swapping cords around or unplugging your bedside lamp to make room for your phone charger. All your charging needs are taken care of in one centralized location.

Safe Surge Protection

Today’s high-tech devices are sensitive to electrical surges that can damage or destroy them. Power surges from lightning storms, faulty wiring, or other electrical glitches put connected electronics at risk.

With the CubieBlue alarm clock, you don’t have to worry about harm coming to your expensive gadgets. It features built-in surge protection to safeguard your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other devices plugged into it.

Advanced surge protection circuits instantaneously detect electrical anomalies and clamp down on excess current to prevent it from passing to your devices. It offers peace of mind knowing your electronics are shielded from dangerous power spikes.

You can confidently plug in and charge all your gadgets without concern of damaging power fluctuations impacting them. Even during intense thunderstorms, the CubieBlue keeps your gear safe and protected.

Sleek, Modern Design

With its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic, the CubieBlue alarm clock looks elegant and sophisticated on any nightstand or desk. The smooth rounded square shape and neutral white/gray color scheme blend seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary decor.

It has a compact 6 x 4 inch footprint, so it doesn’t take up much room. You can easily place it even on the most crowded bedside table. The LED display isn’t overly large or bright, so it won’t be an eyesore in a dark bedroom.

The simple intuitive interface only has a few buttons that are laid out neatly. The aesthetic is functional without looking cluttered. Everything is streamlined and essential – set the time, set the alarm, adjust the dimmer, and tap to snooze. No complicated controls or cluttered buttons.

Made from durable plastic, the case has a nice heft and feels solid. The clean lines and quality construction give it a premium high-end look and feel that punches above its price point.

With features packed inside but an exterior design that is unassuming, the CubieBlue alarm clock complements your space instead of dominating it. It is the ideal nightstand companion.

The Total Package

The Brandstand CubieBlue Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker & Charging truly has it all. It combines multiple useful functions into one compact but powerful device.

Listen to wireless music out loud to start your mornings off right. Easily set a reliable alarm to wake up on time. Conveniently charge multiple devices without sacrificing outlets. Protect your electronics from dangerous power surges.

With the CubieBlue’s versatile functionality, premium audio, easy interface, and sleek aesthetic it makes an ideal addition to any nightstand or desktop. The perfect combination of form and function.


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