BoxwoodValley 8-inch Preserved Boxwood Ball – Vibrant Greenery for Any Decor



Add a touch of vibrance to your home with the BoxwoodValley 8-inch Preserved Boxwood Ball. This beautiful preserved boxwood ball measures 8 inches in diameter, providing a bold pop of lush greenery to brighten up any space. Expertly crafted from preserved boxwood, this decorative ball looks and feels just like the real thing with no maintenance required.

The deep green color and full, textured foliage create an authentic look that brings nature indoors. This boxwood ball is the perfect size to make a statement as a standalone accent piece. Place it on an entryway table or bookshelf to greet guests with organic flair. Let it shine as the focal point of a centerpiece by nestling it in a bowl or cachepot. The possibilities are endless!

Vibrant, Lush Greenery Perfect for Any Occasion

The BoxwoodValley Preserved Boxwood Ball is ideal for both everyday home decor and special events. The vibrant greenery provides a touch of life to tablescapes and mantle displays for regular enjoyment. Dress it up with ribbons to complement your holiday decor. Use it as part of your wedding or party florals for a unique organic element. Or highlight it solo as a gifts, party favors, or place card holders to add a breath of fresh air.

Realistic Details & Texture

This decorative ball captures the beautiful realism of boxwood down to the finest details. The foliage features the same varied shades of green and textured feel as living boxwood plants. The spherical shape mimics the natural growth habit of boxwood shrubs pruned into rounded forms. Even the subtle variations in density and gaps in foliage look lifelike just like the real thing.

No Maintenance Required

The preserved nature of this decorative boxwood ball means you can enjoy the look and feel of boxwood anytime without any of the maintenance. There’s no watering, pruning, or soil required! The boxwood retains its vibrant color and lush texture without any fading or deterioration over time. Simply place it in your preferred location and decorate around it.

You’ll also never have to worry about leaves dropping or pests invading this faux boxwood. It’s mess-free, worry-free decor sure to last for years. The boxwood is preserved naturally without dyes or chemicals.

Indoor Use Only

This BoxwoodValley Preserved Boxwood Ball is designed for indoor decorative use only. It’s not suited for outdoor placement where it would be exposed to weather, moisture, and direct sunlight. For a maintenance-free boxwood look outside, explore our other faux boxwood options specifically crafted for outdoor use.

Decorate with Ease

At just 8 inches in diameter, this boxwood ball is sized right for decorating versatility. The lightweight preserved boxwood is easy to move around and incorporate into displays. Place the boxwood ball in a bowl, cachepot, or plant stand to highlight it as a centerpiece. Style it in a hanging basket or macrame hanger to suspend it. Nestle it among florals and candles to complement your table decor. Let your creativity run wild!

Premium Preserved & Crafted Boxwood

BoxwoodValley sources only premium preserved boxwood materials to craft realistic greenery accents built to last. Our talented designers shape and preserve each piece with care to recreate the organic imperfections and touches of nature. Every boxwood ball is unique just like the real thing!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re confident you’ll love enhancing your home with this lush 8-inch boxwood ball. Each preserved boxwood piece is inspected before shipment to ensure exceptional quality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have any issues, please reach out so we can make it right.

Decorate with Organic Greenery

Incorporate a touch of nature into any space with the BoxwoodValley 8-inch Preserved Boxwood Ball. Display this textured green beauty solo or incorporate it into floral arrangements and décor displays. The vibrant boxwood foliage and rounded shape provide an organic accent full of life. Order your preserved boxwood ball today to add an effortless pop of greenery!


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