Bostingner Square Matte Black Brass Shower Body Spray Jets – Invigorating Spa Hydrotherapy and Muscle Relief



Indulge in an invigorating spa-like experience right in your own shower with the Bostingner Square Matte Black Brass Shower Body Spray Jets. These powerful and adjustable shower jets deliver a high-volume spray that provides targeted hydro-massage flow to soothe tired muscles and stimulate circulation.

Hydrotherapy Bliss for Body and Mind

The Bostingner square brass shower jets feature a configuration of 16 silicone nozzles that aim the water flow just where you want it. Simply rotate the spray face up, down, left or right to target the hydro-massage on your neck, back, legs or other areas. The strong single spray pattern is designed to maximize water flow for a therapeutic and rejuvenating hydro-massage experience.

Whether you need to unwind after a stressful day or want to energize yourself in the morning, the Bostingner shower body jets provide hydrotherapy benefits for both body and mind. The massaging water flow helps increase blood circulation, ease muscle tension and stiffness, and boost your mood. Who needs a trip to the spa when you can revitalize just by stepping into your shower?

Premium Design and Lifetime Warranty

Built to last with quality solid brass construction, the Bostingner shower jets feature a stylish and modern square design with a matte black finish. The corrosion-resistant coating protects against scratches, tarnish and rust so these body sprays maintain their sleek, elegant look for years of daily use.

You can install these showerheads with confidence thanks to Bostingner’s lifetime support and replacement warranty within 3 years of purchase. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Contact our friendly customer service anytime you have questions or issues and we’ll provide prompt assistance.

Easy Maintenance and Convenient Installation

Thanks to the soft silicone nozzles, mineral deposits wipe off easily with just the swipe of a finger. No need for soaking or harsh chemicals. The nozzles resist hard water buildup so you can enjoy invigorating spray power and simple maintenance.

Get these spa-like shower jets set up quickly and easily. The standard US NPT 1/2″ connector makes them compatible with any pipe type. With dimensions of just 5cm long x 5cm wide, they install neatly on your shower wall. Enjoy a luxurious hydrotherapy experience as soon as today!

Upgrade Your Shower with Soothing Spa Jets

Pamper yourself daily with the comfort of water massage therapy right at home. The Bostingner Square Matte Black Brass Shower Body Spray Jets bring spa-quality hydrotherapy into your shower with an exhilarating all-body massage. Treat yourself to relaxation and rejuvenation that lasts beyond your time in the shower.


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