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Capture the essence of refined European elegance with the Bolsius ivory floating candles. Since 1870, the creamy white wax and thick, undulating flame of Bolsius candles have defined luxury for generations of candle connoisseurs across the continent. Now, you can bring the same timeless ambiance into your home with this set of 48 ivory floating candles.

The Purest Creamy Ivory Wax

Bolsius has spent over 150 years perfecting their signature ivory candle wax to achieve its trademark creamy color and texture. Every painstaking detail has been considered – from the region in Europe where the natural wax is sourced to the proprietary methods for cleaning and preparing the wax. The result is a surface and luminosity that looks and feels indulgently smooth and rich when lit. Just one of these floating candles glowing softly can elevate any space into one of sophistication.

Quality 100% Cotton Wicks for a Pure Flame

An exquisite candle is nothing without a perfectly flickering flame, which is why Bolsius insists on the highest quality 100% cotton wicks. These wicks are tightly braided to produce an even burn and trimmed to 1⁄4” length for the signature Bolsius pillar of flame. Watch in wonder as the flame dances elegantly atop each floating candle, moving to its own rhythm and filling your space with warm, comforting light.

Built to Last, With 8 Hours of Blissful Ambiance

Don’t you hate when a floating candle burns out after only an hour or two? Not with Bolsius. The premium wax formulation allows each candle to provide up to 8 hours of captivating ambiance. When the candle burns low, simply trim the wick to 1⁄4” length and relight for more enchanting flames. With 48 candles included in this value set, you’ll have ample candles to keep the atmosphere glowing all evening long at special events and gatherings with friends.

Anti-Tip Design for Worry-Free Tranquility

Finally, a floating candle that actually floats! Each Bolsius candle is engineered with a proprietary anti-tip design that keeps it gracefully afloat on the water’s surface where it belongs. No more constantly repositioning fallen candles or fishing sunken ones out of centerpieces. The anti-tip weighted base ensures the perfect equilibrium so the candle remains steadily lit without any need for intervention. Enjoy the serenity knowing your gorgeous candles will stay in place.

Ignite Ideas for Every Occasion

Make any occasion magical with these luminous candles. For romantic dinners, float candles in glass vases or a bowl for an intimate glow. Line a pathway or pool with candlelight for a dramatic effect. Nestle candles in garlands and wreaths to amplify seasonal décor. Use candlelight to create a spa-like oasis in your bathroom. However you choose to use them, Bolsius floating candles inspire you to bring more beauty into every space.

Clean, Smokeless Burn

Bolsius achieves their signature smoke-free burn by using only the purest wax, free of the impurities and oils that lead to excessive smoke. That means you never have to worry about the candles producing smoke that might bother guests or linger on clothing and furnishings. Instead, delight in the tranquil ambiance created by the flickering ivory candles.

Make a Statement with European Elegance

Impress guests at your next event with the uncompromising quality and beauty of Bolsius floating candles. Their radiant glow evokes the splendor of Europe’s grand ballrooms, chapels and chateaus. Let the Bolsius ivory floating candles transport your occasion into a sophisticated affair brimming with old world charm.


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