Bolsius Dripless Dinner Candles, Pack of 50



Illuminate your home with the warm, inviting glow of Bolsius Dripless Dinner Candles. Our pack of 50 clean-burning 11.5 inch candles are made from premium European wax and 100% cotton wicks for a smokeless 12+ hour burn time.

Set the Scene with Long-Lasting Ambiance

Whether you’re hosting an elegant dinner party or spending a cozy night in, Bolsius candles infuse any space with a magical luminescence. The slim 1-inch diameter and consistent thickness allow the tapered column to hold more wax than traditional tapers, prolonging the burn time. Light a few around your dinner table for an intimate meal or arrange dozens throughout your home to cast a gentle glow for a special occasion. With a smokeless flame and no annoying wax drips to clean up, these candles provide hours of hassle-free illumination.

Crafted with Care using Quality Materials

Bolsius Dinner Candles are hand-poured in Europe from high grade paraffin wax blended with premium ingredients like food-grade mineral oil for a controlled, even burn. The 100% cotton wick is precision braided to eliminate curls, bends, and widow’s peaks that lead to smoking issues. This produces a bright flame with no soot or smell. The soft white wax offers a clean, elegant look that complements any décor.

Built to Last for All Occasions

The 10.5 ounce candle is sturdy enough for frequent use, making it perfect for regular family dinners or seasonal centerpieces. The slim profile allows multiple candles to fit in candelabras and candlesticks. Place one on each side of your bathroom mirror for a refreshing morning glow or mass dozens together for festive holiday Sparkle. They’re great to keep on hand for impromptu gatherings or unexpected power outages.

Convenient and Safe

The smooth dripless body prevents messy wax pooling, so no holders needed. The flat base gives stability, while the long burn time eliminates the need for constant trim and replacement. Made from food-grade materials, Bolsius Candles are non-toxic safe to use around children and pets when handled with care.

Versatile Uses for Home or Business

In addition to ambient lighting, Bolsius Candles have many practical uses:

Create a peaceful bedtime routine
Illuminate a cozy reading nook
Brighten up a dim powder room
Spruce up lackluster bookcases
Adorn crafting spaces with natural light
Accent hallway stairs and landings
Lend intimate lighting for date nights
Dress up mantels and console tables
Set a welcoming tone in entryways
Style bathroom counters and vanities
Bring life to dull corners and blank walls
Amp up ambiance in restaurants and cafés
Provide decorative flair for hotels and spas
Spruce up outdoor living areas
Mark walkways on terraces and patios
Line garden pathways with luminous charm
Lend a magical touch to weddings and events
TakeYour Decor from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Every home deserves a bit of everyday elegance. With their timeless design and superior performance, Bolsius Dinner Candles elevate any space from mundane to magnificent. Transform an ordinary meal into a delectable dinner date, turn a basic shelf into a warm bookshelf vignette, or set the mood for relaxation in your favorite reading nook. With pure, clean-burning light and hassle-free maintenance, you can infuse every room with the decorative charm of candlelight anytime. Elevate your décor with the grace and ambiance of Bolsius Dripless Dinner Candles.


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