Better Houseware 2-Pack Gold Anodized Aluminum Shower Caddy



Tired of dealing with flimsy plastic shower caddies that constantly slip and slide while you’re trying to shower? Want something more sturdy and reliable to hold your shampoos, conditioners, body washes, loofahs, and more? Then it’s time to upgrade to the Better Houseware 2-Pack Gold Anodized Aluminum Shower Caddy.

Heavy-Duty, Rustproof Construction

Built from heavy-gauge, anodized aluminum, this caddy is made to last. The anodized finish helps prevent rusting and corrosion while adding a touch of gold elegance to your shower. No more dealing with gross mold buildup on plastic caddies! The satin gold finish on this caddy wipes clean easily while maintaining its luxurious shine.

Nonslip Design Stays Securely In Place

The Better Houseware caddy secures firmly to your shower head with a nonslip clip, keeping it locked in place no matter how much you load it up. No more having your bottles crash down when the caddy slips off the shower head unexpectedly. The wide base also helps weigh it down, while the rubber feet prevent scratches on your tub or tile.

Spacious Shelves Fit Larger Bottles with Ease

With extra wide and tall shelves, this caddy easily accommodates even your largest shampoo and conditioner bottles. The bottom shelf is perfect for body washes and facial cleansers, while the top shelf has plenty of room for all your styling products. No more cramming everything into a tiny plastic caddy!

Convenient Hooks and Soap Dish

This caddy comes fully equipped with 2 handy hooks for loofahs, razors, and washcloths. It also includes a built-in soap dish, so you can keep your bar soap nearby without it sitting directly in the pooling water. The open wire design allows for drainage and air circulation, so you don’t have to deal with standing water and built up soap scum.

Matches Any Décor

With its classic gold finish, this caddy complements any bathroom décor. Whether you have warm neutrals, cool grays and blues, or pops of color, the gold adds a subtle touch of shine and luxury. The simple, open wire design is modern yet timeless.

Comes in a 2-Pack

For added convenience, the Better Houseware caddy comes in a 2-pack, so you can organize your showers in more than one bathroom. No more fighting over one flimsy caddy! With two caddies, you can customize them for each person’s showering needs.

Easy to Install

Installation is a breeze with the Better Houseware shower caddy. Just slide the nonslip clip over your shower head and adjust it to the desired height. The clip fits snugly while still allowing full range of motion for adjustable shower heads. No tools or hardware required!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of the Better Houseware shower caddy with a 90-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this product, simply return it for a full refund or replacement.

Upgrade Your Shower Storage Today

Stop wrestling with flimsy, slippery plastic shower caddies that barely hold a few bottles. The Better Houseware 2-Pack Gold Anodized Aluminum Shower Caddy is built to last, keeps your products secure, and brings a touch of elegance to your shower. Order yours today!


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