Bemis Elevated Toilet Seat with Dual Lock and Sturdy Support Arms – White



Experience enhanced comfort and security with the Bemis Elevated Toilet Seat with Dual Lock and Sturdy Support Arms. This innovative toilet seat is designed to provide stability, ease of use, and improved hygiene – allowing you to use the bathroom with confidence.

Elevated Design for Easy On and Off

The Bemis toilet seat is raised 4.5 inches higher than a standard toilet seat, making it much easier to sit down and stand up. The elevated design reduces the amount of bending needed to use the toilet, helping those with mobility issues, arthritis, knee/hip pain, or who are recovering from surgery. Simply sit down and relax on the ergonomic seat rather than squatting down uncomfortably. It also makes it easier to get on and off the toilet safely.

Dual Lock Security Keeps Seat Firmly In Place

Unlike regular toilet seats that tend to shift and loosen over time, the Bemis features a dual lock security system that keeps the seat firmly attached to the toilet bowl. This unique locking mechanism has been tested to keep the seat stable and prevent any wiggling or loosening. You’ll never have to worry about the seat unexpectedly becoming detached or unbalanced while sitting on it.

Built-In Support Arms Increase Stability

The toilet seat comes complete with sturdy support arms that are built right into the seat. These arms provide extra stability as you sit down and stand up from the toilet. You can safely and securely grasp the support arms for leverage and balance. The arms have been tested to hold up to 200 pounds of pressure on each side, providing the ultimate peace of mind. They can also provide helpful support if you need to sit down slowly or have limited mobility.

Universal Design Fits All Toilets

Installation is a breeze with the universal adjustable base which allows the toilet seat to fit securely on both elongated and round toilet bowl shapes. All necessary hardware is included for fast and easy tool-free installation.

Improved Hygiene and Comfort

The elongated shape and open front design offers better personal hygiene access. The high gloss white finish resists staining, odors and bacterial growth. This durable long lasting seat will provide years of enhanced cleanliness and comfort.

Premium Quality from a Trusted Brand

Bemis is an industry leading toilet seat brand with over 140 years of plumbing expertise. They are known for making innovative, high quality bathroom products that combine style and function. With rigorous testing and high standards, you can trust this seat to provide exceptional performance, safety and value.


  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 15 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Material: Durable plastic
  • Color: White
  • Adjustable Universal Fit
  • Elongated Shape
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Ergonomic Raised Design
  • Dual Lock Security
  • Built-in Support Arms
  • Easy Tool-Free Installation

Experience the Superior Comfort and Convenience

Stop struggling to sit on an uncomfortably low toilet and upgrade to the Bemis Elevated Toilet Seat with Dual Lock and Support Arms today. Its innovative features allow you to use the bathroom with greater ease and independence. No more frustrating wiggling seats or struggling to get up. Just an exceptionally stable, hygienic and convenient toilet seat for your home.

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