A Slim And Stylish Trash Can Perfect for Small Spaces



Whether you’re looking for a small trash can for the bathroom or the entire home, the Doyingus Slim Wastebasket is a space-saving solution! This slim rectangular trash bin makes the most of corners and tight spaces while still providing ample room for waste. With its natural bamboo lid and clean white finish, it brings an element of warm style to any space.

Conveniently Sized for Smaller Spaces
This garbage can measures just 10 x 6.9 x 13 inches but still holds 2.6 gallons of trash. The slim 6.9 inch width allows you to tuck it beside the toilet, behind doors, next to nightstands, or anywhere you need just a little extra room for waste. Despite the compact footprint, there’s plenty of capacity so you won’t have to empty it multiple times per day. It’s the perfect size trash can for bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices, dorm rooms, and other small areas.

Chic Bamboo Lid Adds Warmth
Trash cans can be purely functional, but the Doyingus wastebasket brings artistry with its beautiful bamboo lid. The natural medium brown tones and visible wood grain add warmth and texture to the trash can’s crisp white body. Bamboo is lightweight yet durable, resisting cracking or warping. When open, the lid rests semi-upright so it won’t slam down or get in the way. The cutout handle makes it easy to lift the lid quickly when discarding trash.

Lightweight and Durable Construction
This space-saving garbage can weighs just 1.3 pounds so you can easily move it from room to room. The main can is crafted from thick, premium polypropylene plastic that won’t dent, peel, or deteriorate over time. It’s also stain-resistant so you can keep it looking nice and clean. The smooth plastic surface can be wiped down easily with a damp cloth and mild cleaner. Built to last for years of daily use.

Easy Bag Use and Removal

Using trash bags with the Doyingus wastebasket couldn’t be simpler. Just place a 6.9 x 10 inch bag over the rim, allowing excess plastic to hang over the sides. Then put the fixing ring in place over the rim to hold the bag securely. When it’s time to remove the full bag, simply lift the ring off and tie up the two excess sides. The bag lifts out easily without having to dig around and get your hands dirty.

Ideal for Any Room
This rectangular trash bin looks great in any space thanks to the clean white finish and timeless bamboo accents. Place one beside the toilet in the bathroom for tossing tissues and other waste neatly out of sight. Put one under your office desk or in the corner to organize all the paper clutter, sticky notes, and more. Have one in the bedroom for tossing tissues, wrappers, and other nightstand items. The possibilities are endless!

Why Choose the Doyingus Slim Wastebasket?

Space-saving rectangular design
Fits perfectly in tight corners and narrow spaces
Bamboo lid adds warmth and visual appeal

2.6 gallon capacity holds plenty of trash
Lightweight at just 1.3 pounds
Smooth polypropylene plastic is durable and stain-resistant
Fixing ring holds trash bags neatly in place
Won’t tip or spill over easily
Matches any decor from modern to traditional
Available in white, black, blue, gray, and more

The Details:

Dimensions: 10 x 6.9 x 13 inches
Capacity: 2.6 gallons / 10 liters
Weight: 1.3 pounds

What’s Included:

Main can body
Bamboo lid

Trash bag fixing ring

How to Use:

Place a 6.9 x 10 inch trash bag over the rim, allowing excess plastic to hang over the sides.
Put the plastic fixing ring in place over the rim to hold the trash bag securely.
Fill the wastebasket with trash and debris as needed.
When full, simply remove the fixing ring and tie up the excess plastic to seal the bag.
Lift out the full trash bag and discard.
Replace with a new trash bag and fixing ring.

Easy Maintenance:

The Doyingus Slim Wastebasket is designed for easy care. Both the lid and main can are resistant to stains and damage. To clean:

Wipe down with a soft damp cloth and mild soap or cleaner
Avoid abrasive sponges or materials
Dry thoroughly after cleaning

With regular cleaning, your wastebasket will maintain its nice appearance for years of service. The polypropylene plastic won’t crack, peel, or deteriorate over time.

Ideal Uses:

Bathrooms – Place beside toilet, in corner, or under sink
Bedrooms – Sit on floor or nightstand for tissue disposal
Home offices – Put under desk to organize paper trash
Kitchens – Use for food wrappers, small food waste
Dorm rooms – Perfect size for campus living
RVs, campers, boats – Compact profile saves space

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Bring stylish, space-saving efficiency to your bath, bedroom, office, or any other room with the Doyingus Slim Wastebasket. The beautiful bamboo lid and sleek white body looks great in any space while fitting in the tightest spots. Get clutter under control while adding a touch of warmth to your home decor!


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