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Bed Bath & Beyond – The Store for All Your Home Needs

Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) is a popular American retail store chain that sells a wide variety of domestic merchandise and home furnishings. With over 1000 store locations across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico, BBB has become a go-to destination for shoppers looking to outfit their homes.

Humble Beginnings

Founded in 1971 by Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein, the first Bed Bath & Beyond store opened in Springfield, New Jersey. The modest 900 square foot space offered a limited selection of bed linens and bath items. But the co-founders had a vision to provide shoppers with an all-in-one shop for quality home goods at affordable prices.

The timing was fortuitous, as the US was experiencing major growth in the housing market. New households needed to furnish their first homes en masse. BBB was there to meet the demand, with its ever-expanding inventory that went beyond just bedding and bath accessories.

Nationwide Expansion

The fledgling company saw rapid success, allowing Eisenberg and Feinstein to launch new Bed Bath & Beyond stores throughout the 1970s and 80s. By 1985, there were 17 locations on the East Coast. And by 1992, BBB had reached the 100-store milestone by expanding operations across the country.

Ongoing growth was supported by taking the company public in 1992. The IPO raised $130 million to fund more new stores. By 1998, BBB celebrated the opening of its 300th superstore. And for three decades from the early 90s to 2015, BBB aggressively opened over 50 new stores per year.

Today the retailer boasts over 900 Bed Bath & Beyond stores, along with over 100 buybuy BABY and Harmon Face Value stores under its corporate umbrella. Blanketing the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico, BBB’s omni-channel shopping experience brings convenience and variety to shoppers.

One-Stop Shopping Destination

The typical BBB store spans about 40,000 square feet, with neatly organized sections that cater to all areas of the home. Shoppers are greeted by an appetizing assortment of kitchen and dining wares when entering. Adjacent aisles feature a bountiful selection of food, small kitchen appliances, cookware and table settings.

Further in, meticulously curated displays of home decor tempt shoppers. Wall art, frames, candles, storage options and furniture line the aisles. Nesting throughout are vignettes showcasing ideas on how to style different living spaces. It sparks creativity for the do-it-yourselfer.

Bedding and bath collections are prominently positioned at the back of the store. An abundance of towels, shower accessories, organizers and more equip bathrooms with functionality and flair. While the latest bedding looks, mattresses and bedroom furniture create sanctuaries for restful sleep.

In the realm of cleaning, laundry and homekeeping, BBB stocks everything needed to maintain a tidy habitat. Tech and electronics, health and beauty items plus assorted grab-and-go offerings round out the eclectic product mix. From picture-hanging kits to luggage and pet supplies, BBB aims to be a one-stop shopping destination.

Value + Quality

A driving ethos since the beginning has been providing quality, longer-lasting merchandise at affordable price points. BBB stocks predominantly name-brand goods that have been vetted for durability and performance. Often prices are 20-50% less than department or specialty stores.

Frequently refreshed sales and specials across categories create attractive deals for bargain hunters. Combined with coupon promotions and loyalty rewards programs, savvy shoppers can outfit their abodes on a budget.

For those seeking eco-friendly and socially responsible products, BBB has increased selections of:

  • Organic cotton bedding & towels
  • Natural cleaning formulas
  • Fair trade, ethically sourced rugs
  • Sustainably-harvested wood furniture
  • Recycled glassware and tabletop
  • Energy-efficient lighting and electronics

By balancing value and values, BBB strives to appeal to ethically-minded patrons.

In-Store Experience Reigns

Physical stores have always been core to BBB’s identity and success. Offering hands-on product discovery and service from knowledgeable staff builds engagement opportunities missing from online-only merchants. Investments into sensory features enhance the in-real-life experience for patrons.

Many locations now have mini kitchen vignettes for trying out appliances or tableware settings. Touchscreen kiosks let you browse clearance finds or digitally “try on” paint colors. Fragrance bars let you sample different aromas before choosing reed diffusers or candles. Beyond sights, sounds and smells, some stores host live workshops like basket weaving or terrarium building.

During the holidays and other peak seasons, BBB stores burst with additional displays, demonstrations and giveaways. Kids can partake in cookie decorating while parents enjoy refreshments and enter contests. Festive activities make shopping even more social for the community.

And to ease transactions, BBB provides self- and assisted-checkout stations, price scanners, airport check-in counters plus in-store and curbside pickup options. Bridging digital conveniences with personal attention makes the BBB shopping journey best-in-class for many.

Online Conveniences

While brick-and-mortar stores hold special appeal, BBB has strengthened its ecommerce channels to align with shifting consumer behaviors. Digital entertainment of shelter-in-place lockdowns illuminated how vital online shopping and services are.

E-commerce capabilities were first launched in 1999 via the acquired Christmas Tree Shops website. This early experiment helped BBB realize the need for a unified brand domain. In 2003 was debuted – now one of the most-trafficked online retailers.

Patrons can browse over 120,000 products via the user-friendly website. Convenient search tools, detailed product descriptions, expanded imagery and ratings assist e-shoppers. Seamless mobile site and app integration ramps up on-the-go browsing for inspiration anytime.

BBB’s online following is further bolstered by social media channels showcasing lifestyle vignettes tied to occasions, holidays and seasons. Shoppable pins and posts make putting together polished living spaces breeze. Especially helpful are practical tips from in-house organizers on keeping functional homes tidy too.

For purchases, customers appreciate the low-price guarantee, secure checkout and ample shipping options BBB facilitates online. Being able to buy online and pick up in-store merges the perks of digital and physical retail spheres.

Private Label Growth

Historically BBB focused on curating third-party brands. But entering the 2010s, management directed more attention towards developing owned and exclusive labels. Private label growth brings bigger profit margins. And filling product gaps or wants not met by existing brands propels sales.

One early success was Bee & Willow, launched in 2004. The boutique-style home decor line captured the farmhouse, vintage and boho aesthetics just gaining mainstream popularity. Affordable linen bedding, upholstered headboards, metal wall art and woven baskets proved wildly profitable.

In the kitchen category, BBB’s Devon Street Collection debuted in 2014. The assortment brings together small electrics plus quality glassware and ceramic cookware at lower price points. Premium features without the typical sticker shock found appeal.

Simplifying organization systems for any room of the house is Squared Away. Launched in 2018, the storage and closet solutions brand helps maximize space and reduce clutter. Contemporary furniture silhouettes with smart inner storage reign.

Most recently, BBB is responding to increased pet ownership with Wild Sage. Unveiled in 2021, the private label focuses on stylish yet practical pet beds, toys, gear and accessories suitable for modern living spaces. By understanding gaps in the marketplace, BBB’s owned brands inject fresh value.

Staying Power

Over 50 years since its start, Bed Bath And Beyond continues to be a leading home goods retailer nationally. Navigating varied economic shifts and consumer behaviors, the brand stays nimble. Management steers expansion into Mexico, smaller-format stores and digitally-native verticals like decorative furnishings.

While competition from mass merchants and speciality purveyors persists, BBB leverages its breadth of assortment at mid-tier pricing. Investments into owned brand development and modern conveniences secure its stronghold. By filling shopper needs from first homes to ever-changing lifestyles, Bed Bath & Beyond retains exceptional staying power.