For over 50 years, Pottery Barn has been a leader in creating beautiful, high-quality home furnishings at accessible prices. Founded in San Francisco in 1949 as a small shop specializing in pottery and ceramic tableware, Pottery Barn has grown into a thriving omnichannel retail brand dedicated to bringing comfort, style, and function into every room of your home.

Our History

Pottery Barn began as a modest retail store on Bridgeway in Sausalito, California selling a curated selection of pottery and ceramics produced by local artisans. Our founder, Paul Secon, was an avid collector and admirer of fine craftsmanship and functional art for the home. He saw an opportunity to make these beautiful, artisanal products more widely available to post-war American consumers who were setting up their first households.

The little 800 square foot shop quickly built a following of loyal customers who appreciated Paul’s eye for unique, high-quality pottery and tableware. As word spread, Paul began expanding the product assortment to include artisanal home goods like linens, furniture, glassware and antique rugs. The success of the first Pottery Barn store sparked rapid expansion throughout the 1960s and 70s. By the late 1970s, there were over 20 Pottery Barn locations across California and the Southwest.

In 1986, Gap Inc. acquired the Pottery Barn brand and accelerated the company’s growth nationwide. Under Gap Inc.’s leadership, Pottery Barn focused on developing an extensive line of classic, accessible home furnishings that could decorate an entire home. Stores expanded their footprint to showcase the growing collections of furniture, lighting, rugs, bedding and more alongside the signature tabletop assortment.

Today, Pottery Barn operates over 190 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada as well as a thriving ecommerce business at Though much has changed over 50 years in business, Pottery Barn remains committed to the vision of our founder – offering beautiful artisan-quality home furnishings with timeless appeal at an exceptional value.

Our Commitment to Quality, Value and Service

Since the beginning, Pottery Barn has been defined by three core values that inform every aspect of how we conduct business – quality, value and service.

We are unwavering in our commitment to quality – selecting only the finest materials and partnering with artisans and manufacturers that share our high standards of craftsmanship. From the ceramics we source from family-owned studios in Portugal to the Italian marble topping our occasional tables to the eco-friendly solid wood frames underlying our plush sofas – every item we sell meets our stringent quality benchmarks. Not only do our products have to look beautiful, they must be constructed from solid materials to withstand years of use. We want our customers to feel good bringing Pottery Barn pieces into their homes knowing these are investments that will stand the test of time.

We are obsessed with delivering value at every price point – using our scale to create exclusive products and pass the cost savings to our customers. You will not find comparable quality home goods at lower price points from other retailers. By selling directly to consumers through our retail stores and website rather than relying on third party distributors and showrooms, we are able to cut out multiple layers of cost mark up that drive up end consumer pricing. Our buyers work year round to negotiate cost-conscious partnerships that do not compromise quality. And we pride ourselves on being transparent about how we develop pricing so customers can feel confident they are receiving an exceptional deal.

Above all, Pottery Barn aims to deliver best-in-class customer service at every touch point – from how customers are greeted in stores to late night order processing to round-the-clock support on our website. We invest heavily in retention programs to build relationships with repeat shoppers and make it easy for new customers to engage across channels. Our expansive distribution and delivery network ensures we can get products to customers quickly and reliably across North America. And we stand behind everything we sell with hassle-free returns as well as warranty and repair services executed both in-store and in homes when necessary.

By never compromising on these core tenets of quality, value and service – Pottery Barn has built decades-long relationships with artisan partners, loyal team members and customers who quite literally build their homes and families around products they can only find here. We owe our 50 years of success to remaining committed to the vision Paul Secon instilled from the very beginning.

Our Product Philosophy

Pottery Barn’s product philosophy is simple – we create enduring, artisan-quality home furnishings with timeless aesthetic appeal. Our goal is not to be trendy or seasonal, but to offer elevated classics and comfortable staples families will enjoy for years to come.

We translate emerging trends into livable, everyday pieces built to stand the test of time. Our designers carefully curate a mix of materials, finishes and silhouettes rooted in tradition but updated to feel fresh and current. You will always find on-trend neutrals and textures balanced out by enduring motifs and elegant sculptural forms – the very definition of “modern traditional” style.

Our commitment to quality materials is unwavering – sourcing natural fibers, eco-friendly woods, responsibly-produced metals and handcrafted elements across every category. Our upholstered furniture features sturdy kiln-dried frames, no-sag spring construction and plush double-doweled joinery. Our tables and storage incorporate the same woods, veneers and laminates used by high-end furniture makers at a fraction of the price. And all our products are rigorously tested to comply with or exceed all North American safety standards.

We develops exclusive collaborations with our network of artisan partners who share our values around craftsmanship and environmental stewardship. In fact, many of our bestselling collections bear the namesake of the artists, workshops and family-run studios where they originated. By fostering these hands-on relationships, we ensure every item that ends up in a Pottery Barn home reflects the same passion for creating beautiful things we have nurtured for over 50 years now.

Essentially, Pottery Barn products are crafted to be lived in, not just admired. We want to inspire confidence in customers to fully engage with every piece they welcome into their homes. Our classic styling disguises the durability, while approachable pricing makes collecting entire suites attainable. Ultimately, Pottery Barn aims to reflect how real families furnish their homes layer-by-layer over many years – timeless investments punctuated with playful seasonal updates and accents.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Pottery Barn, environmental stewardship and social responsibility have long been company priorities integral to how we conduct business. But in 2021, Pottery Barn formalized our strategic commitments around sustainability by launching the Renewed by Nature platform – establishing tangible goals guided by internationally recognized protocols.

Renewed by Nature establishes a framework to hold us accountable across 3 key impact areas: Sourcing, Production & Distribution and Product Usage & End-of-Life.

Within Sourcing, our aim is to significantly increase our use of recycled, renewable and responsibly-sourced materials by 2025. We partner closely with suppliers to ensure transparency and traceability across supply chains – working to safeguard forests, enable reforestation and support the people crafting our products. Our acetylated and FSC-certified solid wood furniture collections set the standard for environmental responsibility in home furnishings.

In Production & Distribution, we endeavor to maximize energy efficiency and optimize waste diversion in our owned manufacturing centers and distribution warehouses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A solar roof now tops our North Carolina upholstery plant while low-flow bathroom upgrades in our stores save over 10 million gallons of water annually.

To improve Product Usage & End-of-Life, we educate consumers on caring for pieces properly to extend usefulness. Plus we make donating, recycling and repairing Pottery Barn products easier through our Re-Loved program. In just 2 years, over $3 million worth of goods have been diverted from landfills as a result.

Ultimately, the goal of Renewed by Nature is to leave the planet and the people better for Pottery Barn having existed. We are enormously proud of the progress made already thanks to cross-functional collaboration – but know there is so much work still to be done. As consumers, team members and a business, we all must play our part to protect the one home we all share for generations still to come.

Our People & Culture

While nearly 13,000 Pottery Barn employees worldwide contribute daily to the company’s ongoing success, an enduring spirit of warmth, welcome and community defines our culture.

We foster an environment where every team member feels encouraged to bring their whole, authentic self to work each day within a workplace as diverse as the customers we serve. Almost 75% of our support center and distribution employees are female and over 50% represent ethnic minorities. All family structures are celebrated through comprehensive benefits packages and parenthood support systems.

We are also proud that over a third of store managers are internal promotees thanks to credentialing programs, advancement workshops and tuition reimbursement. Turnover rates across stores and the supply chain run 50% lower than specialty retail industry averages. When team members feel seen, supported and equipped to build careers, they deliver better experiences for customers.

Pottery Barn continues traditions born at our first small shop in Sausalito designed to make employees feel part of the family. New retail hires meet quarterly for coffee chats with executives. The San Francisco support office hosts monthly birthday breakfasts and annual Family Day carnivals allowing kids to explore what their parents do every day. Warehouse associates enjoy festive meal deliveries during peak holiday shifts.

While the company has grown exponentially, we nurture a small company spirit – recognizing even little gestures that make hard-working teams feel truly appreciated. Happy, supported employees ultimately create welcoming environments customers gravitate towards. The unique culture cultivated at Pottery Barn inspires the kind of service and shared passion for beautiful, artisanal products that has kept discerning shoppers coming back for over 50 years.

Looking Ahead

As we embark on our next 50 years in business, Pottery Barn remains as committed as ever to our founding principles – delivering artisan-quality products consumers cherish alongside exceptional service experiences. But we also recognize the need to continually evaluate our efforts through the lens of an ever-evolving world.

Key priorities moving forward include expanding our sustainable sourcing programs, developing new partnerships with diverse makers and creators, and continuing efforts to maximize efficiency while minimizing waste. We also aim to nurture career paths across our supply chain – ensuring team members feel supported advancing within Pottery Barn.

Most importantly, we will keep quality, value and service at the core of every business decision – staying true to the simple but profound vision Paul Secon first actualized back in 1949. The media through which people furnish homes may change dramatically, but the desire to surround loved ones with beautiful, meaningful pieces endures. Pottery Barn will continue working passionately to inspire comfort, self-expression and human connection for generations yet to come.

We invite you to join us on this journey by welcoming Pottery Barn pieces into your home and sharing your stories with us. Our products were made to be lived in and loved for a lifetime. We cannot wait to see the next chapter unfold.